TEDxIBEuropeanSchool 2013

tedxibeuropeanschoolEuropean School has been awarded with the license to hold a TEDx youth event. The TEDx conference which consists of two pre-recorded talks and nine short presentations by inspiring young people with something new to say will be held  on 24th of May in the Main Hall of the European School at 15:00.



First Session-15:00-16:30

  1. TEDx introductory video;
  2. The child-driven education
    Sugata Mitra(prerecorded)
  3. How to get out of the labyrinth of suffering?
    Anna Zhvania
  4. Agriculture-the next revolution
    Maria Lotishvili
  5. Everybody can change the world
    Rezi Samushia
  6. Shale gas
    George Mamatelashvili
  7. Youth-throughout the generations
    Manana Asatiani

Coffee Break -16:30-16:50

Second Session-16:50-18:20

  1. Every kid needs a champion
    Rita Pierson (prerecorded)
  2. A question of education
    Mohammed Tavassoliyan
  3. Gene therapy-prospects and limitations
    Mariam Meskhi
  4. How to learn Physics?
    Susan Abbas Nejad
  5. Happiness
    Parichehr Esmaeilpour
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