The Open Week of English Language and Literature

20 April


08:45  Welcome to Shakespear’s World  (Entrance  Hall)

9:30  Welcome to the English  Bookfair

10:35  Welcome to Shakespear’s Globe Theatre

10:45  ‘’A Voyage to Shakespear’s  Era’’ (Royal Shakespeare Company)(VIIb)

12:00  Welcome to Shakespear’s corner (XI)

12:50  Shakespeare’s first Georgian Translation( from Oliver Wardrope to Ivane Machabeli) (IXa,IXc)   Library ,,Shakespeariana’’

13:40  ‘’Seven  ages of man’’ (Shakespeare ,,As You Like It’’) (XII) Stratford room

14:30  Conversations about Shakespear , Literary café ‘’Verona’’ VI floor

21  April


10:35  Shakepeare ‘’ Globe Theatre’’__ Scene I

10:35  ‘’Life is a Stage’’ , (Via,VIb) , (Royal Shakespeare Company)

11:35  Shakespeare  Film Screening; Shakespeare Cine’-club

12:50  Shakespeare and Georgian Theatres; (VIb) Library ,,Shakespeariana’’; VI floor

13:40 Shakespeare’ Midsummer Night Dream” –Discussion ( VIII b) ; Library “Shakespeariana”

14:30 Conversations  about Shakespear , Literary café ‘’Verona’’ VI floor

22  April


10:35  Shakepeare ‘’ Globe Theatre’’__ Scene II

10:45  Known and Unknown  facts  about  Shakespeare (Xb); Library ,,Shakespeariana’’; VI floor

11:35  ‘’Shakespeare and We’’ (IVa, IVb) Stratford room

12:20  ‘’Romeo and Juliet’’ (VIIIa, VIIIb,IXc); (Royal Shakespeare Company)

13:40  ‘’Shakepseare FilmScreening (IX,X ) ; Shakespeare Cine’-club

14:30  Conversations  about Shakespear , Literary café ‘’Verona’’ VI floor

23  April


10:35  Shakepeare ‘’ Globe Theatre’’__ Scene III

10:45  ‘’Mysterious  Shakesepeare’’ (VIIa); (Royal Shakespeare Company)

11:35  Shakespeare’s Influence on the World Culture; (Royal Shakespeare Company)

13:40  ‘’Mock  Trial on Hamlet’’ (XI DP) ; Exam  room; V floor

15:00  Welcome  Tumanishvili  Theatre Performance

Excursion to Rustaveli Theatre

24 April


09:00  ‘’Presentation on  Shakespeare Globe Theatre ’’ (Vb) ; School  yard

09:50  Have fun with Shakespeare; (VIII,IV); (Royal Shakespeare Company)

10:35  Shakespeare Globe Theatre- Scene IV

11:35  Interview with Shakespeare (XI AHS); Library ,, Shakespeariana’’

14:30  Theatrical Performance: ,,Midsummer Night’’; (Royal Shakespeare Company)

25  April


1. William Shakespeare: Richard III__Rustaveli Theatre

2. Exhbition in Tumanishvili Theatre

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