Welcome to the European School TV – ESTV!

Having been established in 2007, September 17, ESTV is a European School community TV station which airs school news. ESTV television content is available online at

The Head of ESTV is Irakli Jaoshvili: a director, producer and head of the International Children’s Film Festival “Golden Butterfly.”

ESTV is a student television station fully equipped with modern digital technologies. The European School cable television network broadcasts television signals to 220 TV monitors. The TV monitors are installed in classrooms, conference rooms, offices, hallways, dining halls and the Preschool Center.

ESTV has its own intro and logo.

ESTV programs are being aired from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

ESTV’s main objective is to engage in the learning process. ESTV’s television schedule is planned ahead as teachers choose particular days and periods to air relevant footage.  Scientific, documentary and fictional video clips help students thoroughly comprehend their study material.

As a creative & study lab, ESTV consists of a newsroom, production control room and voiceover studio. Students learn the basics of broadcast journalism and different television techniques and put their ideas into action.

Other than the weekly news show “ES News,” ESTV broadcasts various programs:

  • Big Break with Mari
  • Liza’s Top Ten
  • Hidden Camera Pranks
  • Lunch with Ika
  • Who Is First?
  • Zuka’s Show
  • Detective Marikusha
  • Ana’s Show
  • TV series “The Adventures of Chocho”

ESTV also offers documentary movies depicting school life.

At the end of every month, ESTV reporters prepare a TV show “Meeting with the Principal.” The TV show is broadcast live.

Every last Wednesday of October, ESTV airs an annual contest “My Class” and announces three winners in respective categories: the Best Reporter, the Best Host and the Best Director.

On the basis of ESTV, a children’s movie studio and an international Children’s Film Festival “Golden Butterfly” were launched on June 1, 2011.  Teenagers under the age of the 18 are welcome to participate in the festival. The festival includes the following: a short film contest, master classes, workshops and an awarding ceremony. The festival is held annually and announces winners in 10 different nominations. The contest is judged simultaneously by the competent jury and children’s jury.

Official website of the International Children’s Film Festival: