Director's Welcome

Dear Students, Honorable Colleagues and Parents!

The European School is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

These past years have been precious to each and every European-Schooler; A term we use to refer to the students (past and present) of the European School, their parents, teachers, and everyone who is passionate about the European School.

These past ten years reflect self-assertion, exploration, and of course, success. The European School has obtained its dignified place not only in Georgia, but also within the international education community. The enrollment rates of the European School alumni at national and international higher education institutions demonstrate the European School’s reputability and indicate the School’s commitment to excellence over the past ten years.

The European School will begin this academic year with upgraded infrastructure, improved interior classrooms and modernized laboratories. Our upcoming academic year will also be greeted with a new vision, staff members, new administration, re-organized structure, new departments and services. The students will be offered modern, innovative methods of teaching, implemented by highly qualified specialists; merging and universalizing national and international programs to strengthen and enhance their quality of learning.

The European School does not abandon its path – it continues to progress towards Europe by protecting its national identity. Having already blazed a trail over the past ten years, the European School continues evolving with confident and firm steps.

Congratulations! May the upcoming academic year of 2017-2018 bring much joy and success to our big family – the European School!

Sophio Bazadze

Academic Director of the European School