Alumni Association

Six years of relationship with the European School Alumni have proved that being the European Schooler is a privilege not only during the school years, but after graduation as well. Our graduates who successfully continue their education at the prestigious European and American Universities are united by being the European School Alumni which makes them proud and helps them intensify their relations.

In this regard, the European School Alumni Association is particularly noteworthy, which was founded 2 years ago. It aims at enhancing connections between the European School and its alumni and responding to the challenges of the modern civilized world.


President of Alumni Association
Irakli Kikoria

On behalf of the European School Alumni Platform and administration of the European School, congratulations on your graduation! Tough minutes, hard work, and constant struggle have finally paid off. Now it is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to the Alumni Association!

As the President of the association, I am willing to my best to strengthen our beloved school, the association itself and our future ties with the school. The aim of the platform is to make an impact on the development of the school and students through the help of Alumni. We are planning to create Alumni Scholarship that with the financial contribution of Alumni will grant few exceptional students with financial need opportunity to study in the school.

Moreover, we want to help students of the European School via organizing various lectures, talks, trainings that will help them to further develop. The culture of charity is highly appreciated within Alumni, therefore, some charitable events will be planned in the future.

We can help together the school to develop more by being involved in its life!

Stay connected!

Facebook: If you are not a part of our European School Alumni Platform Social Network Facebook group, I kindly ask you to join us! This is a great opportunity for you to learn about the upcoming events, keep in touch with old schoolmates, post updates, new ideas and share experience of being European School Alumni.

Alumni Database: Our network will grow and become strong if you participate in it! If your information is not updated, we will not be able to connect with you. Therefore, the association will lose the value of your participation in the abovementioned processes. Update your profile and fill the application form now!

Once again with the administration of the European School, I welcome you to the association and waiting for your ​involvement ​ ​and ​ ​participation!



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