European Kindergarten Online Graduation 2020

01 Jul 2020

On 23rd and 24th of June the virtual graduation was held at the European Kindergarten. We warmly said goodbye to our children and wished them bright future and success on the way to school. Despite the online format, the event was pretty memorable and original.

Zuzu, Mini, Sunny and Lu are getting ready to meet you!

19 Jun 2020

European Kindergarten is a safe and inspiring learning environment, where your child can learn and grow with the help of our loving, highly experienced educators. Our program aims to promote children's development in all areas. Let’s EXPLORE, PLAY, CREATE AND LEARN TOGETHER!

Earth Day Goes Digital

23 Apr 2020

On April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day. Within the online learning, the European kindergarten teachers made very interesting presentations for kids: How to Take Care of the Earth? The Earth is Our Home

Online Kindergarten

01 Apr 2020

Children need our love and attention. Kids may experience some difficulties when they get separated from the familiar environment and caregivers. We are ready to support parents and together create for kids a new environment for learning and relaxing –Online Kindergarten.

Presentation "How My Body Works"

31 Jan 2020

On January 29, at the European Kindergarten we had a presentation “How My Body Works”. Our children happily hosted family members and presented them with their work. They talked about the structure of human body and internal organs.

Whoville Part

31 Dec 2019

On December 24, "Whoville Party" was held at the European Kindergarten. Kids were very happy to see Santa Clause and cheerfully presented poems, songs, dances prepared for this special day.

Goodbye Autumn

11 Dec 2019

At the end of November, the European Kindergarten organized the event "Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter". The children, in costumes of favorite hero, had fun doing different kind of activities.

Parent’s Week

21 Nov 2019

On November 21, Masho Davitadze’s mother lawyer Keti Kvartskhava visited us in Yellow Group. She talked about her profession, Public Order and Children's Rights. The kids cheerfully engaged in the conversation and expressed their views on these topics. At the end of the meeting, Masho gave away some presents to her friends. Thanks to Keti for this amazing visit!