New Stages of STEM Program Development at the European School


The European School, together with the Future Laboratory company, is launching an innovative joint project to transform into the STEM school (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), develop relevant infrastructure to produce innovations and provide students with knowledge and skills that will ensure their competitiveness in the future.
The European School is planning to establish The Innovation Center for Professions of Future for grade 1-12 students who will expand their knowledge in the following promising fields: industrial robotics, 3D modeling, 3D printing, future industrial equipment, industrial design, basics of artificial intelligence, etc.
Within the project scope, the STEM program will closely cooperate with the innovation lab and entrepreneurship components will be integrated into the program. Students will expand their knowledge through the project and problem-based learning.
The focus will be on utilizing knowledge gained in chemistry, biology and physics and other sciences to solve practical tasks and issues.
The main goal is to make sure that the European School students consistently acquire skills and knowledge and get acquainted with high-tech equipment to help them materialize their ideas into specific innovative projects and start-ups.
Future Laboratory oversees the creation of the concept of the STEM school and innovation management. The company is experienced in developing innovative infrastructure and professions of future both in Georgia and abroad.

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