Independence Day of Georgia

The European School celebrated Independence Day of Georgia with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. On that day, a sense of happiness and pride was seen on the faces of all the students and teachers. The program started with a procession of students carrying national flags, followed by a parade in the schoolyard, where the primary program students showcased their respect and love towards their nation by dressing up in national costumes. After the flag hoisting ceremony, the celebration continued in the main hall, where History teacher Maia Tsenguashvili addressed students with a motivational and patriotic speech. Students paid tribute to the Georgian national heroes, by wearing t-shirts with their printed images.

They also demonstrated amazing dance and song performances. In the end, guest historian Irakli Iremadze acquainted the audience with the history of the First Democratic Republic of Georgia.

The day was the celebration of freedom, pride, and dignity.

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