Microsoft has Awarded Certificates to the European School Team

The European School team presenting Georgia, together with teams from six different countries, took part in an international open lesson “Crossing the borders with Microsoft Teams!” conducted by Microsoft company. The special certificates were awarded to the European School, the teachers: Shorena Abesdaze and Guranda Gogaladze and the students: Niaz Mahdavi, Mishiko Gabaidze, Nini Gabaidze, Ana-maria Iakobidze, Ana Diasamidze, Nugzar Shoshiashvil, Anastasia Gobianidze, and Mariam Jakhua.

The European School is a partner of Microsoft Company and has access to the latest software, services, and platforms. This partnership greatly supported a successful implementation of the online learning program at the school, students’ integration in technological development, and refining of online teaching methods.

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