Psychological Counseling Service

The role of the school counsellor is to help children who are struggling at school. This may be because of a learning difficulty, a language barrier, an emotional problem, a developmental issue, issues with peers, or just struggling to adapt to change. The school counsellor is available to meet with children and families.

To detect psychological problems among students and to identify high-risk behaviors, teachers attend seminars, trainings, individual and group consultations where issues are discussed, and solutions are explored. Students are provided with individual and group instructions on the following: self-awareness, learning, interpersonal difficulties, etc.

The school has allocated a team of psychologists to Georgian and international programs.

Parents and teachers can also book an appointment with the school counsellor if they have concerns or problems regarding their child/student.



Georgian Program Counselor
Ketevan Osiashvili
Primary and Middle years Georgian Program counselor
Mariam Mezvrishvili
PYP Counselor
Mariam Khabeishvili
MYP Counselor
Mariam Datusani
European Kindergarten Counselor
Mariam Bibileishvili