Public Relation: Strategies and Tactics

22 May 2019

The PYP students from grade 3 visited the office of PR and Marketing Division. PR Manager Nino Kusrashvili informed them about different aspects of public relations: PR strategies, marketing campains, and event management. The students learned about the topic from the secondary sources as well. Later, they received homework from the PR manager-to write a piece of short news about the event. Several days later, the students submitted the homework and expressed the wish to participate in PR campaigns in the future.

The Night of the Musem

21 May 2019

On May 18, the traditional event the Night of the Museum was held to celebrate International Museum Day. The MYP students from grade 8 took part in the educational project offered within the exhibition Georgia-Europe and dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Marjory Wardrop. This program was developed at Giorgi Leonidze State Museum of Literature. The students visited two exhibitions: Giorgi Leonidze -120, Museum of Literature -90 and Marjory Wardrop -150. The students saw unique exhibits, memorial objects, and handwritten publications. Later, they engaged in a group work, where the students made bilingual book according to Ilia Chavchavadze's Gandegili translated by Marjory Wardrop. They made illustrations as well. Mishiko Gabaidze created a cover for the book. Visitors of the museum liked the work of the ES students and took part in this activity with enthusiasm.

Visiting Children's Village

21 May 2019

On May 16, the PYP Student Council members visited SOS Children's Village Georgia, supporting vulnerable children, young people, and families. The ES students planed different activities before the visit: educational games, science experiments, handcraft and planting activities. They brought some presents to the beneficiaries of the Village. Kids played together, conducted fun experiments and became friends. The PYP Students Council plans similar activities in the future.

PYP Exhibition

20 May 2019

On May 17, the PYP Exhibition was held in the Main Hall. This year, as a culmination of the IB Primary Years Programme, grade 5 students dived into their project-based work to cover the unit “Sharing the Planet”. At the most important academic event of the PYP, the students showcased spectacular presentations of 8 weeks’ projects based on a particular issue of their choosing and interest: recycling, types of pollution, homeless people, animal rights and advanced technologies as tools for improving communication. The Exhibition was also the perfect way to visualize their research, action and the whole process through their performance, shadow play on environmental threats, printed brochures, video games and the final musical performance which perfectly matched the concept of the event. The PYP students showed their great interest towards the environment, the students also showed that they became inspired to take action and act responsibly as global citizens.

Winners of Visual Arts Competition

16 May 2019

On May 11, the exhibition of the ES students paintings and awarding ceremony was held in the Museum of Fine Arts. 21 students from the ES, together with 680 participants from all regions of Georgia competed in the visual arts competition organized by RIAF – Georgia World Youth Art Summit. 5 students from our school became winners in different age categories. Grandprix was awarded to Michael Jonas Overly, Golden Prize - Elene Kurdiani and Alina Spanova, Silver Prize-Danil Evstfiev, Bronze Prize-Iagmur Kurt. In the future, paintings of winner students will be exhibited in South Korea and will be published in the calendar 2020.

Field trip to the Fire Station Museum

13 May 2019

As part of the unit on transportation, grade 1 students took a trip to the Fire Station Museum. Prior to visiting the museum, students learned about the function and purpose of service vehicles. The field trip helped to enhance their knowledge on the history of fire trucks, the importance of their development through time and the change they have brought within our communities. During their tour of the museum, students were able to see the time progression of how communities used to deal with fire prior to the creation of efficient transportation systems, as well as the development of fire trucks. In the end, the students were given the opportunity to speak to firefighters and also to open up all the doors and compartments on the fire trucks and see what's inside.

Personal Project Presentation

10 May 2019

On May 7, the MYP personal project presentation was held at the Main Hall. Different topics, passions, and interests were pursued by the students and all this hard work was shared with teachers, family, and friends. The personal project is a yearlong project in which students follow their interests, use their talents and apply the skills they learned in the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). The students gained valuable experience while developing their personal projects.

Visiting Museum

08 May 2019

On April 24, the PYP students from grade 5b visited the exhibition of the famous Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico at the National Museum. The lesson held within the unit- Sharing the Planet, was a good example of giving students knowledge about art concepts based on global contexts.

Street Art

08 May 2019

The PYP students from grade 5c painted unfinished buildings in the streets. The students were supervised by Arts teacher Bacho Gogolashvili. This lesson gave the students an opportunity to enjoy an interesting lesson and spend some time outdoors. The typical lessons will be planned in the future again.