Student Parliament Chair became Anamaria Iakobidze

08 Nov 2019

Student Parliament Chair Elections took place at the European School today, November 8. Students from all three programs (Georgian, IB and AHS) of the European School participated in the voting process. Voting procedures that started at 10 a.m. and continued up until 14:30 p.m., went smoothly and no complications were recorded. In a transparent vote counting process, the members of the administrative team of the school and chair candidates’ trustees were involved.

PYP Team building lesson

08 Nov 2019

4A and 4B Graders of IB PYP programme had a team building lesson together to promote teamwork and positive relationships with each other. Students enjoyed activities as they learned more about each other's individual characteristics and abilities.

Psychologist Workshop

08 Nov 2019

IB PYP psychologist provided a workshop to PYP parents, where they discussed the importance of emotional regulation and ways to establish positive communication with children. Psychologist provided strategies to help children better manage and express their feelings.

PYP Open Doors Day

08 Nov 2019

On Thursday November 7 PYP parents were invited to participate in PYP Grade 2 to Grade 5 Open lessons. This was an opportunity for our parents to observe different learning and teaching approaches used in our school. Parents shared positive feedback and look forward to seeing next PYP event.

Election campaign of Giorgi Tevzadzem, candidate for the presidency of the student parliament

08 Nov 2019

During the campaign Giorgi Tevzadze managed Concert by Gigi Gegelashvili Band.

Election campaign of Anamaria Iakobidze, candidate for the presidency of the student parliament

08 Nov 2019

During the campaign Anamaria Iakobidze managed some interesting events. Anamaria iakobidze had meeting with Mrs. Mariam Jashi - head of committee of education, culture and science in parliament of georgia. They have discussed about desires and problems of students at school.

Election Debates

05 Nov 2019

On November 5, the candidates for the European School Student Parliament Chairperson debated at the Main Conference Hall, where they discussed their visions for Student Parliament next year. After taking few minutes for their opening statements and presenting programs, the candidates took turns answering each question and discussed about the issues they felt were most important. They spoke about why they decided to run in this election, the changes they wanted to make at the European School.

Scary Addams Family Party Guests

04 Nov 2019

This year, the ES Halloween party was hosted by Gomez and Morticia from the Addams Family. Their children-Wednesday and Pugsley kept guests entertained in scary Halloween games. Students dressed in Halloween themed costumes joined the party with great enthusiasm. Various activities were planned to entertain guests: costume parade, musical performances, fun games and nitrogen show with glowing pumpkins. The whole school was engaged in decorating the schoolyard and hallways.

Happy Halloween

31 Oct 2019

Halloween’s Day was celebrated on the 31st of October filled with a fun filled exciting costume parade as well as different spooky games in the PYP department. There were very happy superheroes, witches, ghosts, scary clowns and other interesting characters walking around. Excited faces were seen everywhere as children played, danced and posed for photographs.