Campaign against Climate Change-Stop Global Warming!

18 Mar 2019

On March 15, the ES students from MYP programme walked out of the school to declare a climate emergency and take active steps to tackle the problem. They reminded people in the streets how serious the problem might become, if we won’t take a good care of our planet. Global warming, ozone hole, climate change is a growing risk for humans. Students’ march – a protest against climate change started at the European School territory and finished at the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia.

Modernism and Poster Design

15 Mar 2019

On March 13, MYP students from Grade 8 arranged an exhibition at the London Avenue of the ES. Modernist posters created at Art lessons were part of the interdisciplinary project - I Am Human.

Trip to Bakuriani

13 Mar 2019

European School IB DP organized 3 days CAS trip to beautiful resort of Georgia, Bakuriani. During which students participated in CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service)workshop, such as multicultural team-building, first-aid training, environmental cleaning, intellectual games. As the result, students had opportunity to meet CAS learning outcomes, such as sharing experiences, identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, engaging in globally significant issues and developing teamwork and collaboration skills. Taking into consideration the effectiveness and usefulness of the trip, based on the positive feedback of the students, decision was made to organize such workshop trips regularly.

PYP Parent Educational Workshop

28 Feb 2019

The PYP parent educational workshop took place on of February 25th, 2019. The aim of the workshop was to enhance parental involvement at the school life and increase their understanding of IB PYP teaching and learning process. The workshop was organized into five different stations lead by PYP teachers and the PYP Coordinator. The first station focused on “International Mindedness”- here parents had a chance to see the central role of the learner in PYP interpretation of international mindedness. The second station presented the idea of a “Concept-Based Curriculum” – here PYP key concepts were presented as integral parts of the learning process, which help to drive teacher and student inquiries, which lie at the heart of the PYP curriculum. At the next station- “Approaches to Teaching and Learning”, parents had an opportunity to see how transdisciplinary skills are used in action. The “Inquiry” station took visitors through the steps of the inquiry cycle, which is used by students and teachers throughout each six-week unit of inquiry. PYP guiding documents were also available at the workshop, and parents had the opportunity to ask the PYP coordinator questions regarding the policies, the Student-Parent Handbook, and other school documents of interest.

Shadow Play in Rustaveli Theatre

22 Feb 2019

How we express ourselves? - This is the trans-disciplinary theme which gives freedom to students to express emotions, develop fantasy, and creativity and makes them think deeply how infinite imaginations can be… For grade 3 ‘Communication’, for grade 4 ‘Signs and Symbols’, for grade 5 ‘Migration’ – all these themes were united in a play along with jazz music “What a wonderful world” performed by the actors of the Shadow Theatre. Despite having different cultures, relations, dispositions or adventures, the students understood that life is beautiful, and can be expressed by light, shadow, shape or sound…The rhythm of jazz born in Africa and developed in America, mostly created by migrants, was presented to our international students by Georgian musicians who proved that true art does not have borders. In most cases, migration appeared to be the best way of expressing yourself.

Trip to Tbilisi International Airport

22 Feb 2019

PYP grade 4 students went to Tbilisi Airport on February 15th. Currently, students cover the unit Signs and Symbols. At the airport, they were able to see how signs and symbols are used in everyday life for different purposes. The students accurately recorded various signs and symbols seen around the building. After returning to school they wrote a summary about the excursion and held a discussion at class.

PYP assembly

20 Feb 2019

On February 18, PYP assembly was held at the European School. The assembly was mainly led by Student Council members. The first thing students shared was the meaning of “International Tree”, which can be found in the PYP hall area. The idea of the “International Tree” is to unite teachers and students from different countries and cultures presented at the school. Grade 5 students then informed attendees about the PYP Exhibition including the main goals and aims of this event. The most amazing part of the assembly was grade 4's performance about signs and symbols. They performed the song “Soon we’ll be found” both singing and using sign language which they learned during the unit- “How we express ourselves”. Later students had the opportunity to talk about the upcoming “International mother tongue day” which will be celebrated February 21st. At the end of the assembly, Mr. Bacho (Art teacher) invited students to participate in the CITYART world festival.

Snow Volleyball Tournament

17 Feb 2019

On February 11th to 13th, an international snow volleyball tournament was held in Bakuriani. Teams from different countries - Turkey, Lithuania, Armenia, Belgium and Italy participated in the tournament. The ES DP student from grade 12 Mohamadreza Marashi played in a team together with two Georgian players and became a winner of the tournament.

PYP Exhibition- Parent Orientation Session

14 Feb 2019

On February 11, PYP Exhibition parent orientation session was held for all Grade 5 parents. The main goal of the meeting was to inform parents about the details of PYP Exhibition and discuss with them parents’ roles and responsibilities in students’ projects. The Exhibition is the culmination of the Primary Years Programme. Students synthesize the essential elements of the PYP and share them with the whole school community. It is an opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the IB Learner Profile that they have developed throughout years passed in the program. Students are given flexibility in their choice of real-life issues or problems to be explored and investigated. They explore the local and global issues, act to solve it and then prepare a presentation for the community to view.