Assessment is integral part of teaching and learning process

19 Sep 2019

Every Wednesday PYP coordinator Ms Dinara is organizing different professional sessions for all PYP teachers. This week teachers were reviewing PYP assessment major principals: Assessing—how we discover what the students know and have learned, Recording—how we choose to collect and analyse data, Reporting—how we choose to communicate information. In groups teachers shared common understanding of PYP assessment policy, criteria for effective assessments, assessment strategies and tools.

Back to School Night

18 Sep 2019

On Tuesday 17th September, all MYP staff and parents engaged in an evening to learn about the vision of the MYP Head and the educational philosophy of the MYP Coordinator. The staff worked hard to develop booths to show parents what their subjects entail, with samples of assessments and important curriculum information displayed for parents to see. We would like to thank all MYP staff and parents for their support at such events. Staff, student and parent partnerships is key to a developing high-quality education that nurtures excellence in learning.

MYP Assembly

18 Sep 2019

On Monday 16th September, during the first MYP assembly of the new academic year, Mr Riz explored the difference between ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ as a way of inspiring students to achieve their personal best. School assemblies serve an important function to develop school culture and we were pleased with our student engagement and interest during this assembly. We believe that all students have an unlocked potential and the MYP is a rigorous programme that requires students to learn from mistakes and to grow from failures through the development of approaches to learning skills (ATLS).

Meetings with parents

17 Sep 2019

Throughout the week, the MYP Head met with groups of parents to learn about their views of aspects of the MYP that they would like to keep, grow and change. Mr. Riz and Ms. Linda also shared information about key changes introduced at the start of the school year and shared student expectations for MYP. We would like to thank all parents who attended and look forward to the next MYP Event, which will be the Back to School Night on Tuesday 17th September at 16:00 in the Main Hall. All MYP parents are encouraged to attend as they will meet the teachers and learn about the MYP subject groups.

PYP Parent Orientation meeting

16 Sep 2019

On the 13th of September 2019 PYP Parent Orientation meeting was organized for all Grade 1 to 5 parents. The main goal of the meeting was to meet our current and new parents and to establish effective start of the new academic year. This meeting gave an opportunity for parents to know what to expect in the coming year and also equip themselves for it. Primary school pedagogical leadership team shared school policies, curriculum and assessment expectations.

Roman Strasser's visit to the European School

16 Sep 2019

On September 11, Head of the European Parliament's Department for Intercultural Relations, Roman Strasser, visited the European School. Mr. Strasser, along with European School students and Young Diplomats of Georgia, discussed the goals and future plans of his visit in Georgia. The Secretary General of the EU-Georgia Friendship Group has announced new international programs to be held in Brussels for young diplomats under the auspices of the European Parliament. At the end of the meeting, the students of the "European School" conducted a tour of the building for Roman Strasser and explained their teaching methods in detail. Roman Strasser's visit to the European School was planned in the frames of four-party Memorandum of Understanding signed in the European Parliament on April 2019.

PYP Collaborative planning process for learning and teaching

13 Sep 2019

Following IB PYP standards and practices “The school as a community of learners is committed to a collaborative approach to curriculum development” This week PYP teachers had first Unit of Inquiry collaborative planning rotation session. Collaborative planning is more than just teachers working together on a document. Collaboration allows all teachers to construct meaningful inquiry process through integration of different subject areas. We wish our teachers and students great ideas, interesting questions and engaging learning in the class.

First Day at the European School

09 Sep 2019

On September 9, the European School greeted the students, the teachers, and the parents and welcomed all of them to the beginning of a new academic year. We are proud to announce, that the school gained an additional international recognition and started the new academic year with an important achievement-it became the first CIS accredited school in Georgia.

We are the First CIS Accredited School in Georgia

08 Sep 2019

On September 6, a very important whole staff meeting was held at the European School. This year, ES became the first CIS accredited school in Georgia and during the meeting commendations and recommendations given by the CIS were discussed. Sophio Bazadze-the School Director identified new strategic goals and presented an action plan. Brice Bomo-the Head of IB Programmes and Riz Khan –IB MYP Head introduced their visions and shared their plans with the audience. Action plans of the new academic year were presented by the PYP Program Coordinator Dinara Rysmagambetova, the Director of the American High School Irma Barbakadze and the Heads of Departments.