The European School Marathon


The European School concluded the celebrations of the IB’s 50th anniversary with a marathon around Lisi Lake, on April 28, 2018. About 50 students from Georgian Program, American High School and IB Programmes participated in the race, running 2500 meters around the lake. The purpose of the marathon was to promote sports and healthy lifestyle within our school community.

Final results

Girls (grades 7-9)

First runner-up: Ksenija Kocuraite

Second runner-up: Ana Chelidze

Third runner-up: Rusudan Tedoradze

Girls (grades 10-12)

First runner-up: Eva Dudolenska

Second runner-up: Elene Lolashvili

Third runner-up: Mia Bajat

Boys (grades 7-9)

First runner-up: Li Zheng Yang

Second runner-up: Temur Iordanishvili

Third runner-up: Irakli Kikodze

Boys (grades 10-12)

First runner-up: Nikoloz Samushia

Second runner-up: Giorgi Darchidze

Third runner-up: Luka Davlianidze

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