Giorgi Darchidze’s Personal Project “The Scale Model of the Sustainable School Building”

Within the scope of his personal project, Giorgi Darchidze, IB MYP grade 10 student, has created a sustainable school scale model.
Giorgi is from Adjara; while selecting project goals and contemplating their relevance, he took two factors into consideration: beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions should always be well-maintained and community members with vision, with a clearly-defined dream, should focus on energy efficiency, environment, adequate use of landscapes and environmentally responsible buildings.
According to Giorgi, the attitude change should start in schools. After careful evaluation, he targeted Daba Shuakhevi public school in Adjara. The school building is in poor conditions and cannot be rehabilitated.
Giorgi has studied the specifics of sustainable buildings and subsequently, created the 3D scale model of Shuakhevi sustainable school. He presented his project at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Adjara on March 12, 2018. The representatives of the Department of Tourism welcomed Giorgi’s project. According to them, it is admirable when a 15-year old teenager is focusing on global matters and tries to come up with his own solutions.


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