MYP Assembly

The second MYP assembly was held on November 30th . The MCs of the event were Luka Kakachia(grade 9) and Sesili Chargeishvili(grade 6) . Several projects were presented at the assembly: “Six Steps to Success”; “Statistics about Developed and Undeveloped Countries”. The MYP students amused the audience with memorable musical performances played alongside the presentations:

  1. Eliso Chelishvili’s students sang a French song;
  2. 10 b graders Nini Shiolashvili and Kato Targamadze (Camila Cabello – “Havana”);
  3. 10 c grader Sara Jafarian played violin (Godfather);
  4. 6 grader Kelly Bushyhead and 10 grader Kato Targamadze sang a song which was accompanied by dance performance of 7 grader Bisher Kanaan, 6 grader Sesili Chargeishvili and 10 grader Nini Shiolashvili.

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