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Learning New Techniques for Managing Behaviour Problems

11 Nov 2018

On November 9-10, our kindergarten teachers participated in the training, which aimed to help them effectively manage behavior problems in their little pupils. They learned a set of practices and strategies, on one hand, to prevent and effectively manage inappropriate behavior and, on the other hand, to create and maintain an environment that promotes both teaching and learning.

Amazing Chemistry Experiments at our Kindergarten

26 Oct 2018

Today, the children of European Kindergarten had a magical day. Thanks to Sopo Patsatsia, the mother of our pupil, and Tea Sixarulidze, children embarked on an adventure in the fascinating world of chemistry: they saw how a little pill takes different shapes, learned how to make a lemonade, witnessed mini volcano eruption, and were amused by the different colors of "Elephant's Toothpaste". As the final experiment, our guests used a dry ice to create a mysterious fog, which dazzled our little scientists and made a lasting impression on them.

Global Handwashing Day - Underscoring Health Benefits of Clean Hands

16 Oct 2018

On October 15, European Kindergarten joined the celebration of Global Handwashing Day. Our children learned more about the importance of regularly washing their hands and made an interesting exhibition of crafts, created by them especially for this day. To add excitement to the event, a huge “water drop” doll was invited, which was admired by all our kids. Finally, a funny handwashing competition was held between groups and the winner was announced.

Our Kindergarten Teachers at the Training "Learning Through Play"

14 Oct 2018

On October 13-14, our teachers visited the Institute of Children's Development. They took part in the training "Learning through play - the importance of play in child development". The main purpose of the training was to assist teachers in keeping their classroom activities entertaining and engaging for pupils.

It's Fun to Eat Fruits and Veggies -Healthy Crafts with our Head Cook

05 Oct 2018

In order to promote healthy eating habits in the kindergarteners, the head cook of the European School, Giorgi, paid a visit to us. He explained to them why fruits and vegetables should be an important part of the daily diet and answered their curious questions. Afterwards, our chef turned fruits and vegetables into artworks and created beautiful crafts together with the kids. In the end, children ate their crafts and unanimously decided to eat more fruits and vegetables from now on.

First Day of Kindergarten, 2018-2019

10 Sep 2018

September 10 marked the start of the new school year at the European Kindergarten. The lovely and cheerful kindergarteners filled our colorful rooms with their cute giggles. While it was a big day for all the parents and their kids, for parents who had a child entering kindergarten for the first time it was something a little more emotional and special. We promise you a lot of fun and a year full of even more exciting activities!

The European Kindergarten graduation ceremony 2018!

18 Jun 2018

On Saturday 16th of June in European kindergarten Children sang in Georgian, Russian and English, and performed on stage. Toward the end, children were awarded diplomas.

The European Kindergarten graduation ceremony 2018!

12 Jun 2018

Children sang in Georgian, Russian and English, and performed on stage. Toward the end, children were awarded diplomas.

European Kindergarten Celebrates International Day for Protection of Children

01 Jun 2018

A whole series of events designed to celebrate International Day for Protection of Children were planned at the European Kindergarten on June 1, 2018. Children participated in athletic activities, attended a theatre play and discussed the importance of International Day for Protection of Children.

Celebrating Independence Day

26 May 2018

On the 26 th of May Georgia celebrates the 100th anniversary of independence. Children coloured the flags of Democratic Republic of Georgia and Georgian National flag, listened to the National Anthem and took photos for memory.

Snow White and Ten Dwarfs at the European Kindergarten

24 May 2018

English speaking students in year 3 and 4 at the European Kindergarten organized a play “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” on May 23, 2018. Children wore stage costumes and presented the entire year’s material.

The European Kindergarten Celebrates Earth Day

20 Apr 2018

The European Kindergarten joined the worldwide celebrations of Earth Day. Children at the European Kindergarten created handmade crafts by using recycled and re-used materials. In their small, unique ways, they tried their best to contribute to a sustainable environment.