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Art workshop
Art supports a child to recognize himself/herself. It helps him/her to establish own idea, taste and style. We have created art workshop, where children feel themselves as real artists. The circle helps them to remove psycho-emotional stress, to develop fantasy and imagination. It develops sensor-motor coordination, ability of perception of shape and volume.
In kindergarten the art workshop includes; drawing,modeling, application, construction. The development of art abilities in children should progress according to the plan and systematically.
At the lesson of music preschooler acquaints with folk, classical and modern music, which support enrichment of his/her emotional world, development of hearing, rhythm, sense, taste.
3 years old children is already able to repeat many motions, but they are not quite flexible yet. At the lesson of rhythmic children learn coordination of hands and legs in dancing and walking. They learn elemental dancing motions, stage simple chorographical dances, which practice their plastic and at the same time brain and memory too.
Georgian and Russian
Children learn language by way of playing, singing and poetry, theatre performances, cartoons.
In English sector "language club"we teach Georgian and Russian languages, But every child is unique and if u think that for your child its early to study many languages together, choose one language or change this lesson with the other activity.
Specialists consider that children, who learn chess from early years, will achieve good result in school. They learn most easily exact sciences. That` s why we have put chess lessons in our school program. Child learns thinking, orientation on flatness. They will earn purposefulness, will and carefulness.
In the process of teaching, we will use English-speaking packets of educational programs EduPlay. Packet includes 10-10 programs of two levels. By this program they listen, think, see, learn and work independently with computer. EduPlay will be provided to the children in a form of playing-lessons.
Our children live in times of the space of school the demand of subjects included in STEM grows day by day. Our lessons are given in two directions: Lego robotics and IT. Lego Robotics - such kind of teaching is fun for preschoolers.
With the help of Lego and construction toys children create objects of different size and shape. They retell stories about them and express their ideas how they imagine them in reality. Such teaching develops skills such as: creativity, motor skills, judging, analytics also helping children to shape mathematical, logical thinking, memory concentration, and development of visual spatial awareness.
At the IT (Information technology) lessons, children are provided with information about computer devices and their functions. They are also introduced with structures of algorithm and how to design them in a simple way. Children develop their computer literacy.
Football and karate
In 3-6 years old development of physical intellect of a child is very important. Children make first steps in sport. They acquaint with elemental exercises with the support of various physical activities. Sport competitions are taken place in kindergarten, but football matches on the stadium existing on the basis of school among the groups of kindergarten.
There is circle of karate in the European kindergarten. Aim of the circle is: physical and psychological training of preschooler, generation of internal discipline, development of carefulness and concentration of an idea, learning of elemental actions of karate.