Online Kindergarten

Children need our love and attention. Kids may experience some difficulties when they get separated from the familiar environment and caregivers.

We are ready to support parents and together create for kids a new environment for learning and relaxing –Online Kindergarten.

On March 16th, European Kindergarten switched to remote learning. Within the Online Kindergarten Program, children have access to fun and interesting activities in Math, Science, Language Arts, Sports, and Arts.

Every day:

Teachers provide kids with their own videos, presentations and other useful learning resources.
Children share their works with teachers and groupmates online with the help of their parents.

From Monday, March 23rd, children from preschool groups additionally will join synchronous online meetings. Together with teachers and group mates, they will have an opportunity to discuss interesting themes, conduct fun experiments, participate in various physical activities, read books, share ideas and complete tasks.

The role of parents in the implementation of the Online Kindergarten Program is crucial. Their support and involvement will help kids to succeed and the most importantly, to maintain a state of emotional stability.

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