Tell a Fairy Tale Day

February 26th was Tell a Fairy Tale Day! This day encourages us to tell a fairy tale or two.
What were once oral histories, myths, and legends retold around the fire or by traveling storytellers, have been written down and become known the world over as fairy tales.
PYP students celebrated all week long. We read fairytales every day, and discovered while we were familiar with the Disney version of Cinderella, there are different versions based on countries and traditions. Students looked at what elements made a fairy tale: good vs evil; a king and a queen, a villain and a princess, and many more! Learners then had the choice to express their favorite memory of a Fairy Tale. We inquired into the elements of fairy tales and how they are slightly different from fictional stories. And all week, students put together their own fairy tales which they shared on Friday. Also, Grade 5 students created a website about Fairy Tales for the first grader students


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