Exhibition of Projects, PYP


As part of the final year of PYP, the fifth graders held a huge exhibition of projects that they designed, researched, and implemented over the course of seven weeks. The main theme was “Sharing the Planet” and students chose topics connected to this theme, such as public transportation, deforestation, air pollution, child welfare, healthcare access, and racism. Students had to research and interview experts related to their topic, conduct surveys, develop and execute a community action, and prepare a creative performance. All of their information was combined on a large display that, along with the performances, was shown on the Exhibition day. Students added their own flair with food, games, balloons, stickers and more. Overall, it was an extremely fun event and it demonstrated how much the students had learned over their time in PYP. Many parents commented on the changes they saw in their children and how they were more independent, curious, and engaged. Even the students themselves stated that the Exhibition process was fascinating. One student stated that it gave them the opportunity to prove to themselves that they could work hard and succeed. Throughout the process, Exhibition develops a student’s social, thinking, self-management, research, and communication skills, combining not only their academic accomplishments but also the attributes promoted by the International Baccalaureate. It is the first major milestone in a young learner’s journey to become an internationally minded inquirer.

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