Grade 4 Trip to Georgian National Youth Palace


For the past six weeks, our fourth graders have been researching the history of exploration and its impact on society. They have learnt about famous explorers like Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, John Cook and many others. Students also gained an understanding of using longitude and latitude to find locations on the map and were able to track journeys of explorers they have been researching about.
However, the most engaging for them has been the topic about space exploration. Students have been actively researching various topics like galaxies, black holes, famous astronauts, planets, etc.
Thus, to further encourage students’ interest and curiosity, we decided to pay a visit to Georgian National Youth Palace. Students were taken to planetarium and were shown a presentation about planets, stars and the Milky Way Galaxy. Children were able to use their knowledge and answered various questions around the topic. The little space explorers shared their investigations, asked questions and participated in discussions. Students were also able to enrich their knowledge and learn something new and interesting. The pupils returned to school full of happiness and excitement and eagerly shared their experiences with other children from PYP.

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