KARAGIS – a dream country!


On the 29th of May, PYP 4th graders had an assembly that united all the UOI topics that we covered throughout the year. The students created a new country, Karagis, with new culture, traditions, laws, government, national food, clothes and anthem, holidays, jobs and so on. The name of the country is specific, as it was created by using the first letters of the students’ nationalities.

The students were very interested in the process of creation, and put a lot of effort to build it.

The theme united the following subjects: UOI, ICT, Art and music.


In the unit of inquiry “The food from fields to a table” PYP grade 2A students learned that the food we eat goes through many changes. Also, they were able to understand the importance of the food pyramid in our lives. In order to maintain a balance diet, students have learned the positive effects of healthy foods and the negative effects of unhealthy foods. During the assembly students showed their knowledge about the unit where they talked about the food groups and its benefits. Also, they shared some interesting tips for healthy eating. Students prepared songs, rhymes and dances and they showed their skills and sang “Food groups are rockin’ tonight” and danced to the rhythm of rock and roll.

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