First Day at the “European Kindergarten“

10 Sep 2019

On September 9, the European kindergarten opened the door to Alice’s wonderland for our little ones. They found an amazing atmosphere here: played with fairy-tale characters, enjoyed the clown’s silly jokes, did beautiful face painting, painted giant roses, created sand crafts and took memorable photos with colorful soap bubbles.

New School Year

26 Aug 2019

European kindergarten will start the school year on the 9th of September at 11 o'clock.

My Place In Space

12 Jun 2019

On June 10th in European Kindergarten was organized an exhibition-presentation on the topic "My Place In Space". Our children happily presented their work to the parents and told them how grate it was to travel all around the world.

Graduation Ceremony

10 Jun 2019

On 25-26 June in “European kindergarten“ very cheerful party “Rock around the clock“ took place: many colors and joy of rock and roll.. 4 more graduated groups said good-bye to kindergarten. We would like to congratulate our children for this important day and wish them luck in their life. 

The Independence Day at the Eoropean Kindergarten

27 May 2019

European Kindergarten kids congratulate you for the Independence Day of Georgia. Children listened to the National anthem and took the photos with flags for memory.

Earth Day in European Kindergarten

23 Apr 2019

On Earth Day, April 22, an exhibition of kids’ handcrafts was held at the European Kindergarten. Kids made handcrafts with the help of their teachers, who explained to them the importance of cleaning the environment, recycling, and reusable material. The activity aimed at raising responsible and caring citizens.

Guest from Estonia

12 Apr 2019

On April 11, the European Kindergarten hosted managers and teachers from various Estonian kindergartens. The guests had a tour around the school and the preschool, attended several activities and shared the experience with local colleagues. The visit was very impressive and interesting for foreign guests.

Exhibition -How the World Works?

06 Apr 2019

On April 4, the European Kindergarten held an exhibition- How the World Works? While creating artworks for the exhibition kids learned a lot about animals, birds, insects and amphibians in a fun and engaging way.