Engineers in Blue group

11 Nov 2019

Today in Blue Group we had special guests, Niya’s parents, engineers Jeganathan Mariappan and Maheswary Manohar. They presented very interesting story about how they invented the transportation. Kids listened to the story, they asked and answered some questions. They had so much fun! Thank you dear Maheswary and Jeganathan for taking part of our Parant’s Week! You were awesome!

Amazing Chemistry Experiments

11 Nov 2019

Parentს Week continues at the European Kindergarten. November 8 in the green group we had guests Alexander Glonti's mother, chemist Sopho Patsatsia, along with her colleague Tea Sikharulidze. They did very interesting chemical experiments for kids. The little ones were wrapped in dry ice smoke while they were observing how a little pill took different shapes and sizes, how different liquids did not interfere, how the lemonade was made and so on.

Peer-learning Skype lesson in the European Kindergarten

07 Nov 2019

On November 6, European kindergarten children had very interesting peer-learning experience with Miras International Kindergarten in Almaty Kazakhstan. We thought it was a great idea connecting our kids to extend their inquiry abroad through skype to integrate global citizenship. The objective of this networking is to develop children’s international-mindedness and become global citizens which is related to the current inquiry theme “WHO WE ARE” which focuses on building good relationships with others. Kids introduced themselves, sang some songs and share their ideas. They really enjoyed it!


31 Oct 2019

Today we had a presentation on the topic “Self-Management” at the European Kindergarten. The children were happy to present their work to family members and talk about the past topic.

Global Handwashing Day

16 Oct 2019

On October 15, we celebrated Global Handwashing Day at the European Kindergarten. Teachers talked to the children about this day. Kids presented group artwork in our playground and with the doctor they recalled the rules of proper hand washing. Children washed their hands and took memorable photos.

Guest from UK

09 Oct 2019

Last week the European Kindergarten hosted Pippa Hawkins, the Lead Teacher in Early Years in Bristol, UK. She toured the kindergarten, talked to the children and attended some activities.To share experiences in the future, we plan a close collaboration between Bristol and the European Kindergarten.

Vizit of Mrs. Carol Bouwer to “European School“

02 Oct 2019

Mrs. Carol Bouwer –the Special Advocate for UNICEF South Africa’s Influential Women’s Forum, media celebrity, and entrepreneur visited the European School on Tuesday, October the 1st. The visit is part of Mr. Carol Bower’s ongoing work as an Advocate for Women and Children. At the ES, she met the school administration and the students as well. During the school tour, enthusiastic and energetic student guides provided the high profile guest with a student perspective on the learning environment.

First Day at the “European Kindergarten“

10 Sep 2019

On September 9, the European kindergarten opened the door to Alice’s wonderland for our little ones. They found an amazing atmosphere here: played with fairy-tale characters, enjoyed the clown’s silly jokes, did beautiful face painting, painted giant roses, created sand crafts and took memorable photos with colorful soap bubbles.

New School Year

26 Aug 2019

European kindergarten will start the school year on the 9th of September at 11 o'clock.