Back-to-school Sessions for IB Diploma Programme Parents

01 Oct 2019

Parents of Diploma Programme (DP) students were invited to back-to-school sessions on 26 September, for Grade 11, and 27 September, for Grade 12. Grade 11 parents were welcome to the DP community by Dr. Brice, Head of IB Programmes, Mr. Ramaz, DP Coordinator, and teachers. Parents were given aoverview of what the two years of DP would look like for their children. An emphasis was also put on how parents will be collaborating with teachers in order to secure a successful DP experience for their children. Following Dr. Brice’s presentation in the Main Hall, parents were invited to the 5 th floor, where they were able to speak with subject teachers.

Inquiry in creative places

01 Oct 2019

On the 28-29 September European School hosted an IB PYP in-school Category 3 “Inquiry in creative places" workshop. The workshop looks at how the PYP framework provides opportunities for all learners to engage in relevant and significant inquiries through the transdisciplinary themes and in single-subject classes. Participants inquired into critique a range of inquiry models emphasizing that inquiry is an ongoing process that leads to reflection, new inquiries and deep understanding. Inquiry is true differentiation, supporting the personal construction of meaning and meaningful action regardless of language competency or learning style. The professional development sessions were led by Darren Arbour. Darren is an IBEN member; he facilitates teacher training workshops and brings international experience to the school environment.

DP program

27 Sep 2019

On monday, 26 Septetember International Baccalaureate DP program grade 11 hade a meeting with CAS coordinator. DP students got familiar with CAS - core component of DP program. CAS coordinator clarified the goals of the CAS and explained the required learning outcomes. After the meeting students are ready to start their CAS journey throughout the DP program.

A concept-driven curriculum

27 Sep 2019

On Wednesday during weekly professional development meeting PYP coordinator Ms Dinara provided a session for all PYP teachers. This week teachers were inquiring into a concept -driven curriculum. Concept-based inquiry is a powerful vehicle for learning that promotes meaning and understanding, and challenges students to engage with significant ideas. Teachers have been involved into discussions on how key concept, related concepts and conceptual understanding is supported in the classroom while teaching and learning process.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Franklin & Marshall College Visit the European School

27 Sep 2019

Julie Loveless (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and Carly Mankus (Franklin & Marshall College) visited the European School on September 25. The university representatives met students from Georgian Program, American High School, and IB Programmes. They discussed admission requirements and study programs, shared their tips on how to craft a standout college essay, and answered students’ questions.

MYP Assembly

25 Sep 2019

During the MYP Assembly, some updates were shared with students about field trips, service and action and the launch of a new study room during lunchtimes for students who wish to engage in independent study. Mr. Riz also shared a short story, titled 'The Emperor and The Seed', which inspired students to think about honesty, trust, and doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking. This connects to our school motto, Excellence in Learning for Life. We also awarded the MYP Head's Trophy of Excellence to all grade 6 students for a superb transition into the MYP and for showing exemplary behavior and class conduct.

IB Diploma Programme assembly

23 Sep 2019

On 23 September the IB Diploma Programme held its 2 nd assembly of the year in the school’s Main Hall. The theme of the assembly was “Welcome to Pre-University”. The main purpose of the assembly was to raise students’ awareness about their status as pre-university students and the implications that go with it. Talking to students about the significance of the Diploma Programme stage, Dr Brice, who led the assembly, said: “What you do in pre-university impacts the tertiary stage of your education, which impacts your post-university life, not only academically, but also in terms of your ability to make important decisions in life.” DP assemblies will be taking place fortnightly throughout the school year. They are meant to be a forum for students and teachers to explore, discuss and reflect on various topics.

Assessment is integral part of teaching and learning process

19 Sep 2019

Every Wednesday PYP coordinator Ms Dinara is organizing different professional sessions for all PYP teachers. This week teachers were reviewing PYP assessment major principals: Assessing—how we discover what the students know and have learned, Recording—how we choose to collect and analyse data, Reporting—how we choose to communicate information. In groups teachers shared common understanding of PYP assessment policy, criteria for effective assessments, assessment strategies and tools.

Back to School Night

18 Sep 2019

On Tuesday 17th September, all MYP staff and parents engaged in an evening to learn about the vision of the MYP Head and the educational philosophy of the MYP Coordinator. The staff worked hard to develop booths to show parents what their subjects entail, with samples of assessments and important curriculum information displayed for parents to see. We would like to thank all MYP staff and parents for their support at such events. Staff, student and parent partnerships is key to a developing high-quality education that nurtures excellence in learning.