Fun Sport’s Activity

17 Oct 2019

The PYP students from grades 4-5 competed in fun sports’ games. In a game with colored circles fastest students finished the round first and became the winners of the game. The activity was conducted at the school stadium, on a fresh air and had goal to promote healthy lifestyle. The PYP students enjoyed fun sports’ games and competed with great enthusiasm.

Clean Hands For All-Global Handwashing Day

15 Oct 2019

October 15 is Global Handwashing Day, a global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives. The European School Students engaged in Global Handwashing Day celebration. The teachers and doctor talked students awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective way to prevent diseases and encouraged children through various creative activities to wash their hands with soap.

Diversity of Cultures

15 Oct 2019

PYP grade 4A and 4B students painted portraits of people from around the world, representing different cultures. With this exhibition we are celebrating the diversity of cultures so that we can become global citizens by respecting others for their differences.

Explore Georgia

11 Oct 2019

Fall is the best time of the year to visit Kakheti. MYP students from grade 9 had two days excursion to Kakheti. The first day was dedicated to sightseeing, on the second day, students visited Kindzmarauli company and had masterclasses in making churchkhela and backing Georgian bread, later in Winery Khareba they took part in rtveli -harvesting grapes, squeezing and making juice from collected grapes.

How to Celebrate a Birthday at the European School?

11 Oct 2019

A Birthday is a special day in everybody’s life and people celebrate it in different ways. It is challenging enough to plan a birthday, to consider the number of guests, location and environment. If you want to celebrate it together with your classmates, the ES café is ready to provide the space and services for the most amusing and friendly celebration. Invite guests, create the menu and enjoy your birthday together with your classmates!

World Teachers’ day

04 Oct 2019

World Teachers Day is celebrated annually on 5th October since 1994.Different activities were organized at the European School to celebrate this event: Students met teachers at the main entrance and gifted with handmade cards, their wish cards and appreciation letters were collected in special boxes as well; Throughout the week several sports games were held between teachers and students; Teachers’ handcrafts, their childhood photos and their portraits created by students were exhibited at the school halls. The goal of this day is to pay regards to teachers’ services and show appreciation and respect towards them.

The PYP Parent Educational Workshop

04 Oct 2019

The aim of the PYP Parent workshop was to continue to involve parents as active members of our school community and increase their understanding of IB PYP teaching and learning processes. The workshop focus was to make sure parents learn that assessment procedures and methods of recording, reporting are aligned with the IB PYP philosophy and objectives of the programme. It is central to the PYP goal of thoughtfully and effectively guiding students through the five essential elements of learning: the acquisition of knowledge, the understanding of concepts, the mastering of skills, the development of attitudes and the decision to take action. Parents and teachers interacted in group activities in order to provide their understanding of the PYP assessment principals.

Ana Kipiani’s Piano Concert

03 Oct 2019

Talented pianist Ana Kipiani-the European School Brand Ambassador performed a solo concert on the ES stage at Teachers’ Day celebration event. Ana Kipiani has received several awards, grand prizes and has become a laureate of several international competitions such as the International Piano Competition “María Herrero”, Vladimir Krainev International Piano Competition, Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Competition, Verbier Music Festival and etc. She has played in different prestigious concert halls in Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Ana Kipiani’s concert at the European School left the audience with unforgettable memories. The ES teachers loved Ana’s performing techniques and musical compositions offered by her.

Vizit of Mrs. Carol Bouwer to “European School“

02 Oct 2019

Mrs. Carol Bouwer –the Special Advocate for UNICEF South Africa’s Influential Women’s Forum, media celebrity, and entrepreneur visited the European School on Tuesday, October the 1st. The visit is part of Mr. Carol Bower’s ongoing work as an Advocate for Women and Children. At the ES, she met the school administration and the students as well. During the school tour, enthusiastic and energetic student guides provided the high profile guest with a student perspective on the learning environment.