Geography competition


On May 10, third graders participated in a special Geography competition. As students have been inquiring the unit “Oceans, seas and river of the Earth” they learnt about continents, oceans and other bodies of water. Students also learned how to work with maps and identify different bodies of water, like rivers and seas. Thus, to summarize all their knowledge, a special Geography competition was held. Students from both grades were divided into 4 groups. The competition consisted of 3 rounds. In the first one, students had to answer the questions about the topics they have covered through the unit. Second round was about map search, kids had to choose a card with a body of water written on it and they had to find it on the map. For the final rounds kids had to create actual maps. In the end of the competition the winning team received certificates and globes for their hard work. Between the rounds, students also had the opportunity to performed songs and dances. All our students enjoyed the competition, and although winning was important to them they displayed great teamwork and used their knowledge acquired during our lessons.

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