Humanities Day at the European School


Within celebrations of the IB’s 50th anniversary, the European School organized Humanities Day on April 27, 2018. The day was filled with different activities, projects and extraordinary classes.

Georgian Program Grade 10 students organized a project named “History Revived through Photography.” The students exhibited historical photographs, demonstrating how modern states were formed and developed over the course of history.

The American High School Seniors participated in classroom debates, tried to look for alternatives to the Treaty of Georgievsk, exchanged viewpoints and examined the treaty from different angles and contexts.

Georgian Program grade 6 students had an open lesson in Geography, where they learned how to use maps effectively.

The day ended with a mock trial in the school’s main hall. The students played the roles of judges, defense lawyers, and prosecutors as they argued cases that involved real events from history of Georgia. Towards the end, the judge rendered a fair and impartial verdict.

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