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IB MYP Students Celebrate IB’s 50th Anniversary!

20 Apr 2018

On Tuesday, April 19, 2018, The European School IB MYP students held an assembly to celebrate the IB’s 50th anniversary. The following classes and students were presented: In connection with their current unit, "Let’s Take care of our Environment," MYP Grade 9B students raised money, bought a baby tree and planted it in the school yard. Nini Gabaidze and Niyaz Mahdavi, MYP Grade 7 students, sang a song. MYP Grade 8 students visited National Botanical Garden of Georgia and helped with gardening to celebrate Earth Day. MYP Grade 7 students presented their project about Anne Frank. Mariam Natroshvili and Giorgi Shavgulidze, MYP Grade 8 students, presented their history project about different cultures. Mahdi (piano) and Sara (Violin) Jafariani performed on stage. The day ended with MYP grade 10 students’ Personal Project presentations in the main hall. Students’ personal projects covered a variety of topics, including: tourism, psychology, sustainability and ways of being environmentally friendly, poetry, ways of tackling bullying, etc.

IB PYP and Georgian Program Elementary School Day at the European School

19 Apr 2018

The European School IB PYP and Georgian Program Elementary School joined the celebrations of the IB’s 50th anniversary on April 18, 2018. The day was filled with a variety of activities – The European School hosted the IB PYP concert in the courtyard, teachers organized open lessons and IB PYP grade 4 students competed in different sports activities. IB PYP students presented various interdisciplinary topics that they have been working on over the course of the academic year. Georgian Program Grade 1 students organized the shadow theatre performance, portraying animal’s characteristics. Georgian Program Grade 2 students discussed germs and ways of preventing them from spreading. Georgian Program Grade 2 students discussed real friendship – can humans be friends with only humans? Can animals be our friends? While delivering a presentation about the Dog Shelter in Tbilisi, students tried to answer these questions. Georgian Program Grade 3 students shared tips on how to make compost and fertilize plants. Georgian Program Grade 4 students discussed relations between generations. The assembly ended with an awarding ceremony.

The European School Students Visit National Botanical Garden of Georgia

18 Apr 2018

IB MYP grade 8 students visited National Botanical Garden of Georgia on April 18, 2018. They removed unwanted grass from the iris flower beds and cleaned up the premises of the garden. Our volunteers dedicated their hard work to Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22, annually.

The European School Students Visit Tbilisi Classical Gymnasium

02 Apr 2018

On March 30, 2018, IB PYP grade 3-4 students visited Tbilisi Classical Gymnasium to share their tips on healthy lifestyle choices with their peers. Considering our students’ interest in healthy lifestyle, they’ve been invited to become the team members of famous Georgian TV program “Family Doctor.” Our students are dedicated to raising awareness on healthy lifestyle among their peers.

One Hour in the Theatre

02 Apr 2018

Linking in with “International Theatre Day” our PYP students visited the Marjanishvili Theater. Students were able to observe what happens behind the scenes. They had the opportunity to try on different outfits such as dresses, hats and jackets. Also, they were able to see the rooms where the actors put on makeup and get ready for the performances. Students got acquainted with the history of theater, archive materials stored in the museum and unique old photo archives, storing works of famous artists Peter Otskheli, Elene Akhvlediani, David Kakabadze and other theater artists.

“Signs & Symbols”

27 Mar 2018

In the unit of inquiry “Signs & Symbols” PYP grade 4 students learned that all written languages comprise of some form of signs and symbols. Every subject they study contains some kind of signs or symbols. This was the theme covered during our assembly. Students showed the evolution of signs and symbols starting from the Stone Age followed by Sumerians cuneiform, Egyptian and Chinese hieroglyphics…They used numbers and music notes as symbols, and showed colors in sign language. As the assembly was coinciding with International Theatre Week, students put forward their best efforts in putting together an amazing performance as Stone Age people, dancing and singing. We used ultra violet lights to show music notes as symbols, which was a big surprise for the audience. Our assembly played an important role in raising students’ enthusiasm for participating and gaining confidence in future activities.

Down Syndrome Day in Diploma Programme

26 Mar 2018

Diploma Programme students joined the celebration of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, 2018. By making presentations about the syndrome and its causes, telling stories about celebrities with this disease, challenges that parents of kids with Down Syndrom face in their daily lives, Moezzi Mohamadamin, Natia Melkadze, Mia Bajat and Giorgi Zirakadze, dressed in t-shirts with the Down Syndrome logo, raised the awareness about this syndrome in the school community.

Profession of Firefighters

26 Mar 2018

PYP Grade 1 covered all the lines of inquiry for the Transportation Unit and summarized it by learning about service vehicles and fire safety: They now know the basic fire safety rules, they have a fire safety plan and know how to stop, drop and roll. Students learned about the crucial and heroic profession of firefighters and were so excited to visit the fire station museum on the 22nd of March, meet real fire fighters and explore the fire truck.

International Students learn Georgian Alphabet

21 Mar 2018

PYP 2nd graders (Beginner’s class) learned the Georgian alphabet with great joy. Students learned Georgian songs and stories. They created drawings on every letter to form a “Georgian Illustrated Dictionary”. They made letters using 3D pens and decorated it. We then used the school kitchen to bake tasty Georgian letter biscuits. The students then had the opportunity to perform as part of “Builders of a Country”, where they presented their work...

Giorgi Darchidze’s Personal Project “The Scale Model of the Sustainable School Building”

20 Mar 2018

Within the scope of his personal project, Giorgi Darchidze, IB MYP grade 10 student, has created a sustainable school scale model. Giorgi is from Adjara; while selecting project goals and contemplating their relevance, he took two factors into consideration: beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions should always be well-maintained and community members with vision, with a clearly-defined dream, should focus on energy efficiency, environment, adequate use of landscapes and environmentally responsible buildings.

Mystery reader in PYP G4 B

19 Mar 2018

A Guest Reader visited our PYP 4th grade classroom to share a very interesting story with the students. The identity of the reader was kept a secret up to the point where she entered the classroom on the scheduled day. The students were very surprised to see one of their classmate’s parents walking through the door and the child of the Mystery Reader could not believe her eyes when she saw her mom!

PYP G1A trip to the Experimentorium, Scientific Museum

11 Mar 2018

PYP Grade 1A went on a field trip to the Experimentorium, the Scientific Museum for children. The museum is specifically tailored to encourage independent inquiry into scientific concepts; students had the chance to take a guided tour of the exhibits, as well as watch and take part in a scientific show/experiment. As they witnessed change of matter, the connection between force and speed, weight and acceleration, students were reminded of the concepts of connection and responsibility that have been at the core of their current unit of inquiry. Not only did they have the freedom to explore how various objects and elements are connected, but they also had the opportunity to learn how their actions affected the functioning of the exhibits. After the tour and the experiment, students were given time to explore the exhibits they were particularly curious about on their own and investigate together with their friends.