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European School Students-Winners of Essay Writing Competition

15 Dec 2017

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, along with the Association of German Language Teachers, organized an Essay Writing Competition on December 11, 2017. The goal of the competition was to showcase different and diverse aspects of Georgian-German relationships and attract young authors and students in this regard.

IB MYP and DP Students Join UN-lead Activism against Gender-Based Violence

14 Dec 2017

Students from IB MYP and DP Programmes decided to unite their efforts and join the UN-led 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign. The theme of the campaign for 2017 is “Orange the World. Leave no One Behind: End Violence against Women and Girls.” In order to speak up against violence, students from MYP and DP worked collaboratively and made a short film. During the course of filming, they decided to speak out in their native languages to condemn violence against women and spread their message loud and clear to everyone around the world.

Nini and Dimitri Dumbadze's exhibition "Migration"

13 Dec 2017

The European School hosted Nini and Dimitri Dumbadzes’ art exhibition on December 13-14, 2017. The exhibition theme was migration. Since childhood, Nini and Dimitri have been painting and participating in different art contests, winning various art prizes and awards.

PYP 4th Graders Go Green, to Get Our Globe Clean

13 Dec 2017

PYP 4th graders are inquiring into the unit about the environment. During the unit the students carried out various types of projects, such as testing biodegradable items in indoor compost, planting flowers, investigating cafeteria waste, testing the level of air pollution, making compost ingredients, collecting paper for the recycling center, making art pieces from recyclable materials, etc. Another project was to collaborate with 9th graders, who shared their experience and taught our class how to make paper by reusing the old paper. Later our 4th graders shared their newly acquired knowledge to their peers in the other class.

European School Students’ Medical Checkup

12 Dec 2017

Under the auspices of Georgian Academy of Pediatrics, the representatives of the Czech Pharmaceutical Company “Walmark,” conduct informational and preventive campaign “Importance of physical and intellectual development in school children.

Competition “Lego City”

12 Dec 2017

Georgian Program and PYP students from grade2 and grade3 participated in a project “Lego City”, initiated by MYP student Zuka Kevanishvili. Within the project 8 groups created cities with Lego breaks during Robotics classes. The project was supervised by Robotics teachers: Irina Kochlamazashvili, Irma Marghania and Marianne Mosaad. On December 12, all Lego cities were exhibited at London Avenue.

Activism against Gender-Based Violence

07 Dec 2017

Students from IB MYP and DP decided to join the UN-led 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. On December 6, 2017, they presented skits describing violence against women in various life-situations on the European School Main Hall stage, played a short movie depicting gender-based violence and sang an UN song "One Woman" to stand in solidarity with women from all over the world.

MYP Assembly

30 Nov 2017

The second MYP assembly was held on November 30th . The MCs of the event were Luka Kakachia(grade 9) and Sesili Chargeishvili(grade 6) . Several projects were presented at the assembly: "Six Steps to Success"; "Statistics about Developed and Undeveloped Countries”.

PYP 3 B Assembly

29 Nov 2017

PYP G 3 B students presented the unit “Architecture and Design” at the Assembly held on November 28th. All subjects were integrated, and children demonstrated their knowledge and understanding and mastery of skills.

Visit to Mtskheta

27 Nov 2017

On Thursday, November 16th, the PYP fifth grade classes went to the ancient city of Mtskheta as part of their Civilization unit. They toured the Samtavro Archaeological Site, which includes many uncovered houses and tombs.

PYP G 4 Visit to Gardenia

27 Nov 2017

Gardenia, is a beautiful place … It’s like a small preservation that helps plants and trees to grow in a normal and suitable atmosphere. We, grade 4 had a trip to see the stunning plants, trees and flowers. The colors were magical! The students had fun seeing that rare beauty and taking photos.

MYP students at the Zoo

27 Nov 2017

6 graders from MYP visited the Educational Center of Tbilisi Zoo on the 17th of November 2017. They were accompanied by their homeroom teacher Maia Kikvadze and teacher of Individuals and Societies Davit Sidamonidze.