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Project "Home" involving PYP 5th Graders

12 Nov 2018

Pupils from our IB Programme grade 5A participated in the project "Home". The goal of the project was to help the students understand that theatre is the art of telling stories through acting and aimed to show them how acting skills connect actors with the audience. The project consisted of two parts. The first part was debating and the second one was an acting performance. In the first part, children expressed their ideas about the differences between home and house, debated about what makes a good home and discussed words and proverbs derived from the word – “home”. The second part was a performance of the fable “home”, in which students played different characters. All the pupils enjoyed acting in the performance.

Grade 4 Unit Assembly

10 Nov 2018

On 9th November, Grade 4 from our Primary Years Programme (PYP) held the Unit Assembly. For the past six weeks, fourth graders have been inquiring into the theme “Who We Are”. Students found out why our appearances differ and how we inherit traits from our parents. They studied different cultures and their elements, including traditions, cuisine, customs, music, etc. With the help from their parents, students were able to deepen their knowledge of their own cultures. Children also learned what a conflict is, how it affects a society and its members and figured out the ways of preventing and managing it. They even organized a peaceful protest against bullying.

“Who We Are” - Summative Assessment Presentation and Trip to Chateau Mukhrani

09 Nov 2018

Our IB second graders summarized the first unit of inquiry by creating 3D community models in groups. For this project, our 7 and 8-year-old students designed their own communities and assigned different roles and responsibilities to their community members. Children worked together to find ways to solve a common problem in their community. Second graders presented their project to PYP community of learners. Afterward, our students enjoyed linking this unit to a field trip they took to a rural community outside of Tbilisi. They visited “Chateau Mukhrani” and its serene farm with horses. Students had a chance to bake traditional Georgian bread and khachapuri. They had a lot of fun learning!

Field Trip to Wine Tunnel in Kvareli

27 Oct 2018

7th graders from our IB Middle Years Programme took a field trip to Kvareli. They visited an old wine tunnel "Gvirabi". After enjoying a tour about Georgian traditional winemaking techniques and a cultural review of the region, they made Churchkhelas and baked Georgian bread all by themselves. This trip was aimed to help students gain a better understanding of personal and cultural expression.

Our Students Advocating a Healthy Lifestyle

27 Oct 2018

A healthy lifestyle is one of the core topics of the IB program. Our students learn how to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy foods, the importance of being physically active and positive effects of spending time outdoors, getting some fresh air. In order to extend learning beyond the walls of a classroom, we decided to organize a marathon at the Turtle Lake. Along with some fruit, children handed out informational booklets to passerby. In addition, they shared valuable pieces of advice about leading a healthy lifestyle, thus taking part in raising public awareness on this burning issue.

Posters dedicated to the UN Day

25 Oct 2018

On October 24, 10th graders from our IB programme created and put up the posters dedicated to the UN Day. The posters covered the following topics: 1. what is emotional health? 2. How we can stay emotionally healthy? As part of their study for language acquisition, this project will help them gain a better understanding of global context.

First PYP Assembly - Promoting Student Participation in School Life

24 Oct 2018

On October 22, our Primary Years Programme (PYP) held its first PYP Assembly for Grades 1 to 5. The assembly was focused on the IB Learner Profile. Students shared their understanding of IB Learner Profile attributes and had the opportunity to watch several videos about this topic. In addition, Student Council members presented informational video clips, created by them. The videos illustrated daily life at the European School and aimed to encourage a better understanding of our school’s routines and procedures. Assemblies of this kind will be a monthly occurrence at the PYP section. The assemblies will put an emphasis on promoting student participation in school life and situational learning, which are of great importance for our school community.

Turning Nature’s Offerings into Paintings

23 Oct 2018

On the Art lessons, within the unit of the healthy lifestyle, our 3rd graders created their own, non-toxic paints from scratch using natural pigments derived from the materials like grass, food spices, coffee, fruit juice, flour, food colorings, charcoal, etc. All their 5 senses were activated during this creative process. Our little artists took pleasure in creating beautiful, colorful artworks with their own, self-made paints.

First Aid Training by Red Cross Society

23 Oct 2018

Within the transdisciplinary unit "How the World Works", students learned about the central idea of processes that are used to structure, guide, and control actions to ensure a better outcome. We invited Ms. Tea Chikviladze, First Aid Coordinator in Georgia Red Cross Society, to conduct a first aid training for the 5th graders. Students got the chance to practice giving first aid and learn how to perform CPR on people in need of it. Moreover, they familiarized themselves with the problems a person may face when in danger. “Red Cross is the organization that gives the first help to the people that are feeling bad or are in need. Remember an emergency number - 112. “ Danyil Yevstafiev “We need this kind of training in order to be able to help a person in any situation. The most interesting part was practicing on mannequins. “ Abdukodir Abdurashidov “It was a very helpful training, especially because I want to become a doctor. You can use all the tips in life, but carefully. “ Nilay Melek “I hope all people who were saved like this, feel well”. “I think Red Cross Organization was created by very kind people”. Alexandra Chuprina “If a person is unconscious, she/he still hears you. So, you should look after your words”. Aisha Valieva “I am glad that I learned how to do CPR”. Mariam Khurodze “I think that it is very good that we learned some tips for the first aid because we will be able to help people when they need our help.” - Ana Chkhaidze “The workshop was connected with the unit "Processes". We learned how to behave in emergency situations. It was very helpful because nobody knows when we will need to use it.” - Aram Telebnia

Fresh VS Refrigerated Fruit

23 Oct 2018

Within the scope of a food science project, PYP Grade 5 students found out whether storing different kinds of fruits in the fridge destroys their unique flavors. They compared it against unrefrigerated fruits and analyzed their findings.

Visit to the State Museum of Georgian Folk Songs and Instruments

23 Oct 2018

Within the line of inquiry " Similarities and Differences between the Cultures", our PYP Grade 4 students visited the State Museum of Georgian Folk Songs and Instruments. The museum contains three exhibition halls exhibiting Georgian folk songs and musical instruments, Eastern musical instruments and European classical and mechanical instruments. Students inquired into the ways in which they can make differences and similarities between cultures. They observed a large number of artifacts, photos and audio-video archives, as well as many different types of musical instruments from Georgia. Children were accompanied by the music teacher so that they could use the knowledge learnt during this visit at their next lessons.

Field Trip to the Hippodrome Stable

20 Oct 2018

On Friday, October 19, our grade 8 students from the IB Middle Years Programme went on a field trip to the Hippodrome stable. They enjoyed an exciting and educational introduction to the world of horses and equestrian sport. Students gained an understanding of horse keeping and received a hands-on training on grooming. They even got the chance to ride a horse and learn the basics of horseback riding: how to mount and dismount, steer safely and keep the proper riding position. The day was full of memorable experiences and our 8th graders resolved to get back to their newly acquainted four-legged friends in the near future.