The European School Students Visit Marjanishvili Theatre

23 Mar 2018

Grade 3-4 students visited the museum of Marjanishvili Theatre on March 21, 2018. They got to see the exhibited works of Petre Otskheli, stage costumes and dressing rooms. Students learned more about performing arts and how various performances are created. In the end, they got a chance to try on stage costumes.

An Innovative Joint Project of the European School and the Future Laboratory

22 Mar 2018

The European School, driven by the belief that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills are crucial to innovation and development in our contemporary technological, knowledge-based and competitive global world, has decided to transform the school into the STEM school. On March 21, the European School signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Future Laboratory company and launched an innovative joint project focused on producing innovations and providing students with capabilities and skills that will ensure their competitiveness in the future. Representatives of the school community attended the signing ceremony, where school’s STEM vision and specific details about future development of the STEM curriculum was shared with the audience.

European School Students at MUN Conferences

22 Mar 2018

The European School students attended two MUN conferences recently. The last MUN conference that our students participated in was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Together with delegates from around the world, the European School students engaged in intense discussions about global problems. This experience will help them become more confident, responsible citizens and future leaders.

The European Kindergarten Celebrates World Down Syndrome Day

22 Mar 2018

The European Kindergarten joined the celebration of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, 2018. Children discussed the reason why people wear odd socks to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

International Day of Forests

22 Mar 2018

On March 21, The European Kindergarten celebrated International Day of Forests. Kids were informed about the importance of all types of woodlands and trees and the ways in which trees protect us. Children from different groups created the crafts and arranged a beautiful exhibition.

International Students learn Georgian Alphabet

21 Mar 2018

PYP 2nd graders (Beginner’s class) learned the Georgian alphabet with great joy. Students learned Georgian songs and stories. They created drawings on every letter to form a “Georgian Illustrated Dictionary”. They made letters using 3D pens and decorated it. We then used the school kitchen to bake tasty Georgian letter biscuits. The students then had the opportunity to perform as part of “Builders of a Country”, where they presented their work...

Bicycle Traveler’s Visit at the European Kindergarten

21 Mar 2018

On March 20, the European Kindergarten hosted a bicycle traveler who’s travelling from Switzerland to Dubai. The guest made a little presentation for children to show interesting moments, adventures experienced when traveling, beautiful sights of different countries, unusual animals and insects, big and little things whatever crossed their path etc. Children asked many questions. They were so inspired that some of them even decided to travel with their little bikes around the world.

World Down Syndrome Day

21 Mar 2018

On March 21, the entire European School community participated in the World Down Syndrome Day events focused on raising awareness about this syndrome and supporting integration of individuals with Down Syndrome in the society. Our students joined the “Colorful Socks” campaign; held presentations in Georgian and International Programmes; hosted kids with Dawn Syndrome, attended a “Finger Theatre” performance and masterclass sessions together with them; created paintings and finally shared memorable gifts and sweets.

Visit to the Tbilisi Zoo

20 Mar 2018

Animals, nature, ecology, biodiversity and adaptations -these are the topics covered by grade 5a students at Tbilisi zoo. Different opportunities were used for exploring science: students did some observations together with the Science teacher Manana Zhamurashvili, saw real-world examples of the animals and their habitats, determined the differences among mammals, fish, reptiles, posed questions focusing on animal behaviors - all within the trip to the zoo.