The workshop on Human Rights

13 Nov 2018

On Tuesday, November 13, Human Rights Youth Center conducted a workshop for our pupils on "Introduction of International and European Human rights". The workshop was led by Charlotte Wasseran, an invited trainer from Germany. Human Rights Youth Center, which is based on the NGO MGSDV - Youth for Democracy, will continue similar workshops about human rights on a regular basis for the European School students.

Project "Home" involving PYP 5th Graders

12 Nov 2018

Pupils from our IB Programme grade 5A participated in the project "Home". The goal of the project was to help the students understand that theatre is the art of telling stories through acting and aimed to show them how acting skills connect actors with the audience. The project consisted of two parts. The first part was debating and the second one was an acting performance. In the first part, children expressed their ideas about the differences between home and house, debated about what makes a good home and discussed words and proverbs derived from the word – “home”. The second part was a performance of the fable “home”, in which students played different characters. All the pupils enjoyed acting in the performance.

MYP November Assembly

12 Nov 2018

On Monday, November 12, MYP November assembly was held. The event included students from grades 9 and 10 performing a drama act based on "Little Long-Nose" by the German novelist Wilhelm Hauff. Afterward, a summary was presented of all the programmables MYP has been conducting during the previous month. Assembly involved the presence of all MYP students, teachers and Academic Director of the European School, Ms. Sophio Bazadze.

Learning New Techniques for Managing Behaviour Problems

11 Nov 2018

On November 9-10, our kindergarten teachers participated in the training, which aimed to help them effectively manage behavior problems in their little pupils. They learned a set of practices and strategies, on one hand, to prevent and effectively manage inappropriate behavior and, on the other hand, to create and maintain an environment that promotes both teaching and learning.

Chocolate Making Masterclass at "Chocolaterie Artisan"

10 Nov 2018

On Saturday, November 10, our Grade 1B students from the Georgian Program attended a masterclass at Chocolaterie Artisan. Children inquired into information about the history of chocolate creation and learned more about different types of chocolates. They watched how the professional chocolatier melted, molded and stuffed chocolate with various fillings. In the end, students ate freshly made candies, handcrafted in front of them and drank hot chocolate. Our first graders enjoyed the time spent at Chocolaterie and went home loaded with excitement and delicious sweets.

Grade 4 Unit Assembly

10 Nov 2018

On 9th November, Grade 4 from our Primary Years Programme (PYP) held the Unit Assembly. For the past six weeks, fourth graders have been inquiring into the theme “Who We Are”. Students found out why our appearances differ and how we inherit traits from our parents. They studied different cultures and their elements, including traditions, cuisine, customs, music, etc. With the help from their parents, students were able to deepen their knowledge of their own cultures. Children also learned what a conflict is, how it affects a society and its members and figured out the ways of preventing and managing it. They even organized a peaceful protest against bullying.

Iveri Chelidze Football Tournament Final

09 Nov 2018

Iveri Chelidze football tournament which was held at the European School in the loving memory of our former student Iveri Chelidze has come to an end. The teams competed in three different age groups from grade 4 to grade 12. The first category final match was between PYP grade 5 B and MYP grade 6 students, the second category final match was between MYP grade 8 and AHS grade 9 students, while the third category final match was between AHS grade 11 and AHS grade 12 students. The winners of the tournament are MYP grade 6, MYP grade 8 and AHS grade 12 in the given order. Along with the winning team members, other students were also awarded in different categories: best player, best goalkeeper, and top scorer. The participants of the tournament were awarded by the academic director of The European School, Ms. Sophio Bazadze and Mr. Iveri Chelidze, who traditionally attends the championship each year. It is to be noted that the third category winners, AHS grade 12 class students are Iviko’s former classmates and because of that, this victory had a special meaning for them.

“Who We Are” - Summative Assessment Presentation and Trip to Chateau Mukhrani

09 Nov 2018

Our IB second graders summarized the first unit of inquiry by creating 3D community models in groups. For this project, our 7 and 8-year-old students designed their own communities and assigned different roles and responsibilities to their community members. Children worked together to find ways to solve a common problem in their community. Second graders presented their project to PYP community of learners. Afterward, our students enjoyed linking this unit to a field trip they took to a rural community outside of Tbilisi. They visited “Chateau Mukhrani” and its serene farm with horses. Students had a chance to bake traditional Georgian bread and khachapuri. They had a lot of fun learning!

Field Trip to Social Enterprise "Babale"

08 Nov 2018

On Friday, November 7, our Grade 1G students from the Georgian Program went on a field trip to the social enterprise "Babale". Children inquired into information about colors, created their own paints and used them along with some ornaments to decorate creative wooden objects. Our students were happy to proudly take home the handmade toys as the fruits of their labor.