Celebrating Independence Day

26 May 2018

On the 26 th of May Georgia celebrates the 100th anniversary of independence. Children coloured the flags of Democratic Republic of Georgia and Georgian National flag, listened to the National Anthem and took photos for memory.

Celebrating Independence Day at the European School

25 May 2018

A whole series of events designed to celebrate Independence Day of Georgia were planned at the European School on May 25, 2018. In the morning students started gathering around the school entrance - this where the national symbols of first Republic of Georgia were exhibited: the flag, coat of arms, currency, etc. Students discussed the importance of Independence Day and decorated the school yard with Independence Day symbols. American High School grade 10 students covered the school walls with “100 FREE” signs.

Snow White and Ten Dwarfs at the European Kindergarten

24 May 2018

English speaking students in year 3 and 4 at the European Kindergarten organized a play “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” on May 23, 2018. Children wore stage costumes and presented the entire year’s material.

Travelling Exhibition at the European School

24 May 2018

A whole series of events designed to celebrate Independence Day of Georgia were planned at the European School. On May 23, 2018, Georgian Program grade 9-11 students participated in a travelling exhibition event. Students, together with their art teacher, discussed the history of Georgia and tried to view art through different lens: they spoke about art as a form of protest, Georgian protest art, creativity and resistance, restrictions upon artistic expression, etc. Students examined old photos and creative works that reveal history and the passage of time.

"European School" visited “Crazy Hall”

23 May 2018

In the frame of unit of inquiry “Energy” PYP 4B grade students visited “Crazy Hall” to transfer their theoretical knowledge into practice and clearly see interrelations between different types of energy. Students could not hide their emotions when they realized that jumping down from climbing walls and falling into foam pit was the result of gravitational potential energy that was changed into kinetic energy; And that gravitational force was the reason of making them difficult to climb out from that foam pit. While jumping on the trampoline they understood that the energy stored in a stretched object was elastic potential energy making them bounce up and down over and over. The students spent (consumed) their mechanical energy during one hour and went back to school with awareness of concept of different types of energy. It was great opportunity for students to mix up knowledge with fun.

TEDx Event at the European School

23 May 2018

On May 22, the 6th annual TEDxIBEuropeanSchool conference was held at the European School. It was a licensed, independently organized event which re-created the unique TED experience. The European School students presented twelve idea-focused talks on wide range of subjects. A young jazzman, Papuna Sharikadze, joined our students, delivered an inspirational speech and performed a piano recital. The theme of the event was “Finding a New Point of View.” The students’ talks were an organic representation of their interests, based on their personal points of view and shaped by their life experiences and values. The attendees had an opportunity to look at phobias, modeling, winemaking, personal diaries, veganism and even homework from different angles. The event fostered inspiration and was an intellectual stimulation for the delegates.

The WikiCamp at the European School

22 May 2018

On May 19, 2018, the European School hosted – for the second time - a one-day WikiCamp organized by the “School of Young Historians.” The European School, together with the other schools across the country, joined the WikiCamp. The camp was organized by Manana Shekiladze, the president of the Georgian Association of History of Educators and the teacher at the European School.

My City Project Presentations at the European School

20 May 2018

The European School main hall hosted “My City” project presentations on May 18, 2018. Grade 2-5 students from Georgian and IB Programmes participated in the series of presentations. They presented scale models of city districts, parks, apartment buildings, airports, bridges, etc. The scale models were created with recycled materials: old boxes, colored paper, cocktail sticks, plasticine, compact discs, etc. The students' projects mainly focused on creating recreation and amusement centers.

The Last Bell Ceremony at the European School

18 May 2018

On May 18, 2018, the school bell rang for the last time for grade 12 students at the European School. The grade 12 students had their last symbolic class with their homeroom teachers. After classes, they celebrated the last day of school. They said goodbye to the school and scribbled messages on each others’ t-shirts. Meanwhile, younger students organized a goodbye concert for our seniors. As the grade 12 students head out into the world, they wish to leave their legacy behind and the tradition of tree planting is their way of saying farewell. Together they planted the tree in the school yard and, before leaving, they wrote autographs on the Alumni Wall. Sophio Bazadze, the Academic Director of the European School, wished them success in their future endeavors.