Teaching and Learning Workshop for IB Teachers


The European International school hosted an IB in-school Category 2 “Teaching and Learning workshop”. The main focus of the workshop was the “taught curriculum” component of the PYP model and introduced teachers to a variety of practical teaching strategies that will assist in facilitating differentiated inquiry learning in their classrooms.
The professional development sessions were led by Jenny Lathrop. She has extensive experience with IB programs and has worked as a Site Visit Team Member, PYP Coordinator, and as an MYP Visual Arts Teacher.

Our workshop leader reflected on her experience working with our PYP team.

“It was a great pleasure to work with the teachers from the European School. There was a high level of engagement and excitement throughout the two days and it is evident the teachers have a strong passion for education. Though were all at different stages of the learning process, they worked effectively together and supported each other where needed. One of the greatest assets a child can have is a teacher who is not only passionate for teaching, but also for being a lifelong learner. The teachers at the European School showed commitment, enthusiasm and curiosity to seek out new ideas, ways of learning and best practices. I am lucky to have met such a wonderful group of people.”

Jenni Lathrop.

Our PYP teachers are very excited to continue their development in PYP methodology and implement new strategies in the classroom.

PYP admin team

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