Anniversary of Ilia Chavchavadze

In connection with the anniversary of Ilia Chavchavadze, Esma Mania, Doctor of Philology, Senior Researcher of the Funds Protection, Registration and Exposition Department of the Korneli Kekelidze Georgian National Center of Manuscripts, Guardian of the Ilia’s Foundation visited European School. Esma Mania has met the students of MYP 8B and 8C grades and talked about Ilia as an aristocrat and democrat, a man who managed to protect national values and at the same time, was the initiator of many innovations. She introduced Ilia’s work style, and displayed Ilia’s autographs preserved in the Manuscript Center. The students were especially interested in his notepads and records, through which they saw and evaluated Ilia Chavchavadze’s personality and merits in a completely different way.

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