Collaboration on the topic communities

Grade 2 A students from IB PYP were engaged in an online lesson via Zoom with Pathways World school of India grade 2 students.

12 representatives were chosen out of 130 second graders from the Pathways World school, which were guided by homeroom teachers and 2nd grade coordinator Zarema Dawson.

The topic of the lesson was “Global community” under the common Transdisciplinary unit Who We Are.

The students shared PowerPoint presentations, displaying their school facilities and community characteristics. They discussed the similarities and differences between their communities and made assumptions on what makes us a part of a global community.

Students from both schools shared some aspects of their cultural identity and even taught a few words to each other.

The objective of the lesson was to help students feel as a part of a global community by identifying themselves at some points different and similar to their peers around the world.

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