Experiences and Expertise from Across the World

The success of the European School is determined to a large extent by the effectiveness of its teachers and leaders. The school uses experiences and expertise from across the world. Educators from many different cultures play a critical role in the development of our IB programmes. The international faculty continues to grow at the ES. From the new academic year, several experienced and expert leaders and educators will join our team. They all demonstrate important pedagogical attributes, qualifications, perspectives, and practices of excellent teaching. Our new colleagues have been successfully delivering IB programmes and taking a number of leadership roles in various IB world schools. We are happy to introduce them:

Soha Saad (Egypt) – PYP coordinator and a devoted teaching professional with the gift to reach each and every student and instill love for learning.

Andrea M. Schuitema (USA) – MYP Language and Literature teacher and a dynamic international educator dedicated to supporting academic and personal growth.

Viktorija Rudež (U.K.) – MYP English teacher experienced in teaching a variety of ages and courses from EAL support to Acquisition and Literature classes in the IBMYP framework.

Joelene Kerr (U.K.) – PYP teacher for whom teaching has always been a passion, as she loves to motivate and see others excel.

Kaitlin M. Swala (USA) – PYP teacher who strives to create a space for children to engage in the world around them through play, where they are free to fail often, and fail proudly in order to learn and be lifelong learners.

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