Grade 1 Assembly

As part of the summative assessment task, the first-grade students held a Unit Assembly. Students have been inquiring into the theme " Sharing the Planet. During the 6 weeks that the unit
lasted students learned about creatures on our planet, different ways people and other creatures depended on habitats, and they also learned that solving conflicts enables all creatures to thrive. At the end of the unit, first graders had an assembly performance to demonstrate and summarize their learning. Students presented a play based on two habitats, ocean, and rainforest where they demonstrated their communication and social skills. In the play, students wanted to teach everyone that there is always a solution for all kind of problems. One of the themes of the play was “cyber bullying”; Students showed that it is always good to be empathetic, to listen to others and to learn to forgive. The other theme of the play was about deforestation and the importance of taking care of the environment, students demonstrated that communication is always effective when it comes to resolving conflicts. At the end of the play, students enjoyed dancing the song “Hakuna Matata”.

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