Grade 3 Summative Assessment

Unit- How We Express Ourselves

Our IB PYP grade 3 students summarized the third unit of inquiry by working on their summative assessment project with students from grade 6.

Together with the 6 graders, grade 3 students created a website for the PYP community. Students created articles, videos, vlogs, posters, and blogs for the website.  Students distributed roles and responsibilities and collaborated extensively to create material for the website. Grade 3 students can continue adding more resources there throughout the year.

Students learned that when you communicate it is important not only to share your ideas, but to listen to other people’s ideas as well and to keep a balance in communication. Students understod the importance of listening to others and emphasizing other people’s feelings. Follow the link here 

Special Thanks to Deren Kemeroglu and Suhani Jindal for their help and support!!

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