Grade 4 End of Unit-Showcase

Our unit:”How We Express Ourselves” kicked off with a Photography Exhibition presented by Ms. Lana Khaburdzania, our amazing Visual Art teacher as a provocation. A great photo always tells a story. With this as a lens, our learners explored photography. Each learner had to capture at least Five special moments on their phones. These printed moments were used in Visual Art class as their “canvas’ ‘ to learn a new skill;” how to draw on a photo”. Learners explored several other new avenues of Art. They used a research-journal that included the IB Key Concepts. From each concept they chose two questions to research. Learners collaborated  with several friends in their research. They learned how to thread and sew, create their own design and fill as shape with their choice of yarn. Learners read a book about Art:Emily’s Blue period and were so inspired that they also drew a heart like the book character to show who and what has a home in their hearts. Also inspired by this book was the Kandinsky Heart Art painted by the learners. A brand new skill in this inquiry journey were the paper Sculpture techniques the learners explored. They had to create a mini-model of ten techniques of their choice and then built a big model using those techniques. They completed a checklist, self Assessment and a  Reflection for this task. Learners integrated their math objectives of 2D and 3D shapes in their next model. They explored the social crisis of homelessness, changing our carbon footprint and living simple by joining the Tiny House movement in this inquiry. Each learner had a learning journal which guided them through the process of designing their own tiny house and then analyzing their building design by remaking it in 3D shapes. Learners prepared their individual Learning Walls with their artifacts , models and photos. Their parents were invited and great excitement filled the air! This amazing journey was shared as an Action in a showcase for their parents and the PYP community. What a thought provoking and inspiring learning journey this was for grade Four A!
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