How we express ourselves

Grade 3A and 3B PYP students of ES following the inquiry cycle of the current unit “How we express ourselves”, showed great initiative and took actions resulted in a series of events.

Being guided by their homeroom teachers and Georgian A teacher, students decided to host a bake sale for other PYP students and raise some money to purchase a very handy and needed knitting material for the nursing home “Katarzisi”. This was successfully implemented and students raised around 200 lari for the desired presents for elderly people. Being supported by one of the parents, students took more initiative and helped to make a traditional Georgian sweets “Pelamushi” by bringing the needed ingredients and cooking a delicious dessert at the school kitchen.

Together with the heartwarming letters and students’ smiles and hugs, all this was presented to elderly people during grade 3B visit to “Katarzis”.

In addition to the above, students of grade 3A initiated a visit to a kindergarten department where they met with the youngest students of ES school. By asking questions, answering some, reading stories, playing with the toy animals, building blocks, cars and puzzles, 3 grade students enjoyed their time very much as well as made our little kindergarteners day unique and very exciting!

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