New Year celebration” Snow Party”

28 Dec 2017

On December 27, the New Year celebration- one more amazing “Snow Party” with beautiful scenes, music, dances, was held for the European Kinderegarten kids from English groups. We wish you a happy New Year!

New Year celebration” Snow Party”

25 Dec 2017

On December 23, the New Year celebration built around the theme” Snow Party” was held for European Kinderegarten kids from Georgian groups. In the hall decorated entirely in white, kids dressed also in white sang songs, danced. European Kindergarten children prepared a video “Letter to Santa”. Eventually, Santa visited the event and brought sweets and presents to kids. He also promised to attend the coming “Snow Party” on 27th for English speaking groups.

Fun Sports Games

01 Dec 2017

On December 1st, European Kindergarten held fun sports games: “Say goodbye to Autumn and welcome Winter.” All kindergarten classes and teachers participated in this event.

Goodbye Autumn

28 Nov 2017

Autumn's coming to an end. Little cooks are making sweet and delicious "Churchkhela". The experience gave them confidence and enthusiasm in the kitchen. Children are preparing for the Winter.

Little Cooks

22 Nov 2017

Children in the Kindergarten of European School, within Transdisciplinary theme “Self -management” learned about healthy food, vitamins, how to take care of themselves and etc. The children took the role of cooks and prepared various dishes and biscuits.

Let’s Learn about Professions!

26 Oct 2017

The European Kidergarten children learn about different professions. Today, they visited the school doctor’s office, observed the doctor’s tools, instruments used to examine and treat patients, asked many questions and treated a patient – the European Kindergarten student in the past who currently studies at the school.

Global Handwashing Day

13 Oct 2017

On October 13th, the European School Preschool children were engaged in Global Handwashing Day celebration.

Estonian delegation at the European School

06 Oct 2017

On Tuesday, October 5, 2017, Estonian delegation visited the European School. The delegation was determined to learn about the PreSchool Program. The delegation members attended the classes and in the end, summed up their visit at the school cafeteria.

Academic Year Openening

29 Aug 2017

The official opening of the 2017-2018 Academic year take place on Monday, September 18, starting at 11AM.