Mother Language Day Assembly

The Mother Language Day Assembly for primary students celebrated linguistic diversity and the importance of preserving indigenous languages. Students showcased cultural performances, recited poems, and shared stories in their native languages, aiming to promote understanding and appreciation of different languages and cultures among young learners. In addition to the cultural performances and linguistic showcases, the assembly also featured a book donation drive, encouraging students to contribute literature in various languages to foster a love for reading and multicultural understanding. Furthermore, a poster exhibition adorned the assembly venue, displaying vibrant artwork and informative displays that further emphasized the significance of linguistic diversity and cultural heritage within the PYP program.

Following these enriching activities, students who had participated in a previous event were honored during an awards ceremony held at the assembly. Among them, Grade 2C student Elizaveta Samsonova secured Seventh Place in the International Kids Coding Competition, showcasing exceptional skill and enthusiasm. Their achievements underscore the importance of fostering an interest in technology from a young age and serve as inspiration for aspiring young coders worldwide.

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