50th Day of School - G1

14 Dec 2020

Every day at Morning Meeting G1 A counts the days of school using a 10 frame. We are counting to the 100th day of school! It is a part of our Daily Jobs that rotate each week and allows learners to take action through numeracy. On the 50th day of school, we made a connection to it being 1/2 of 100! We were challenged to find a way to represent half of something using our critical thinking skills. We then shared it with our class when we celebrated the 50th day of school and being half way to 100!

Virtual Tour of Tbilisi by grade 1A

14 Dec 2020

Grade 1A students created a book about favorite place in Tbilisi. Students wrote opinions about their favorite places. Opinions how students personally feel about these places. Students also found facts about places in our community. Facts are things we can research and look up information about. This project promotes student collaboration, builds self-esteem and is an easy way to incorporate educational standards.

Letters for the PYP Community

14 Dec 2020

As the first semester is coming to an end, Grade 3B students were asked to write letters for the PYP community to summarize the semester and wish everyone a happy New Year. In their letters, students talked about what they like about PYP and how do they feel about the online learning. They also showed their gratitude towards the school, teachers, parents and everyone who is involved in the learning process. Their letters were filled with hope that very soon we will all return to school and see each other. Students also encouraged others to stay positive and wished them health and happiness in the upcoming year. "

Hour of Code in IB PYP Community

12 Dec 2020

This is an international celebration of coding and students from all over the world take part each year. Coding helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic, and creativity. Hour of Code takes place each year during the Computer Science Education Week( December 7-13).  Our students demonstrated Risk-takers skills while choosing coding games. They completed all levels successfully and got international certificates from Hour of Code! 

4A Summative Assessment

05 Dec 2020

Grade 4A PYP students chose to use a very new and interesting platform for their summative assessment presentation called Thinklink where they can include all the material they want( PPT, Youtube, drawings, photos etc) using the background image of their choice or made by them.

European School Medical Call Centre

02 Dec 2020

#Wecare  #Let’sdefeatCOVID-19together  #Yourschoolstayswithyou During a global crisis such as COVID-19,  medical assistance, and consultation with a trusted source of expertise became even more crucial. The European School responds to the pandemic with the strategic adaptability, right processes, and preparatory efforts and starts operating a Medical Call Center to protect the health and safety of its students and employees. The ES doctor N.Lomidze remotely will continue to provide the school community with frontline communication and medical assistance so desperately needed in current reality.  Get medical advice from the qualified specialist of the ES Medical Call Center

TEDxIBEuropeanSchool-This Year, We Came Back Virtually!

02 Dec 2020

While all of us are apart, TEDxIBEuropeanSchool managed to offer intellectual entertainment to the European School community by bringing its students, teachers, parents, alumni together in a virtual space.

Thanksgiving Day

30 Nov 2020

The G1A community celebrated Thanksgiving by discussing what we are thankful for. We discussed our ideas about what it might mean to be thankful for something, then took time to write about and share with each other what we were thankful for on this day.

World Children's Day

20 Nov 2020

"Today, November 20 PYP students celebrated World Children’s Day. We promote international togetherness and awareness among children. PYP students painted and wrote a class story about protecting children and their rights. "