Collaboration on the topic communities

22 Oct 2020

Grade 2 A students from IB PYP were engaged in an online lesson via Zoom with Pathways World school of India grade 2 students. 12 representatives were chosen out of 130 second graders from the Pathways World school, which were guided by homeroom teachers and 2nd grade coordinator Zarema Dawson.

Children Support Peers

21 Oct 2020

As you know, the boarding school of Shatili burned down last year. On the same day when this happened, the European School students started a campaign #youjoinustoo. Students united to support their peers and began to collect school supplies. Books, textbooks, photo camera, balls, stationery items, computer accessories, and learning resources – these are only a few objects from the list of gifts delivered to Shatili. Georgian National University SEU joined our initiative and sent 8 computers to Shatili School.

4th IB programme to be offered at European School soon!

19 Oct 2020

#Newchallenge #Continuousdevelopment Continuous development has been part of the European School history for more than a decade. The school executes its improvement journey so that all students’ needs are met.  Different paths are offered to the European School students to meet their career goals and prepare them for future success.

Global Handwashing Day

16 Oct 2020

Proper hand hygiene is the simplest and the most effective means of protection from infectious diseases. This year, the European School held several handwashing campaigns. Popular author Giorgi Kekelidze wrote a short story-Toma and the Great Secret dedicated to the Global Handwashing Day.  This story is an occasional continuation of the popular children’s book Toma’s Tales. The ES students from the primary program created illustrations for the short story and later published it as a book.

Global Handwashing Day

15 Oct 2020

Global Handwashing Day is an international handwashing promotion campaign to motivate and mobilize people around the world to improve their handwashing habits. On October 15, IB PYP Students celebrated Global Handwashing Day. Students shared their understanding of the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective way to prevent diseases. Teachers encouraged students through various creative activities to wash their hands with soap.

European School is the Leader of the Year

01 Oct 2020

#EuropeanSchool #LeaderoftheYear The international award “Leader of the Year” was awarded to the European School by the Swiss Rating Association and the National Business Ratings Union (NBR-UNION). The European School is a successful international school that earned a gold rating among enterprises of Georgia. The awarding ceremony was held at Bioli Medical Wellness Resort. Congratulations to the school community on this achievement!

#Newchallenge #Newregulations #Digitaltransformation

15 Sep 2020

The European School has started the new academic year with new beginnings, new ideas, new regulations and new technology resources. School digital transformation plan contribute to our ability to effectively respond to challenges. They are essential prerequisites for another successful school year.


12 Sep 2020

Technology in the 21st-century education plays a major role. At the European School, we continue to incorporate emerging technology resources in classrooms to make learning more student-oriented and effective in this new reality. Our goal is to support the first-graders and their parents to address the challenges of distance learning and make the learning process interesting and flexible for kids. To achieve this goal, the school decided to provide the first -grade students with a multifunctional technology device. This device, together with other new technology resources integrated into our classrooms: interactive whiteboards, conference cameras, and document scanners will make online learning more similar to face-to-face learning.


11 Sep 2020

Due to the current epidemic situation in Georgia, on September 15th, classes will begin in online mode at the European School.