PYP Elections

Under the unit ‘How we organize ourselves’ grade 5 students inquired into the different forms of government systems. As part of their summative task, students held PYP Presidential Elections 2022. They were divided into 9 groups and each group elected its candidates. During the past 2 weeks, students prepared speeches, engaged in activities to promote their candidates, prepared presentations, created logos and slogans, and supported their campaign. Students independently planned and organized various events to support their candidates. They took part in the PYP debates, presented their speeches, and invited the PYP community to their event. During the PYP presidential elections, the PYP community voted for their PYP president. Each 5th grader had a specific responsibility during the elections: registering people, monitoring the process, taking pictures of the event, etc. Among the candidates for the president of PYP were Mariam Zubitashvili, Ameliia Mylnikova, Tinatin Svanidze, Tamara Hyder, Giorgi Bezhuashvili, Maria Griner, Mate Bezhuashvili, Nino Nadaraia, and Taia Jikia. Tinatin Svanidze was chosen to be the PYP President for 2022 by the PYP community. Students demonstrated IB learner profile traits and were open-minded, principled, and risk-takers. They congratulated each other and were proud of their hard work.

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