PYP Exhibition 2022 - 2023

On June 8, PYP grade 5 students hosted one of the most significant events of our program: Exhibition. The students have been working for eight weeks on various topics related to the unit – How the World Works. They investigated such important and complex issues as cyberbullying, impact of technology on mental health, space, genetics, natural disasters, pollution and states of matter. Each group created their own central ideas and lines of inquiry. Based on them, groups conducted research and used various resources to collect data and write reports. The students made sure to cite their resources and created bibliographies. At the same time, with the help of the mentors each group organized trips to the places related to their topic. They also interviewed professionals from various fields to learn more. The music teacher helped grade 5 students to prepare a song about science that kids performed at the opening of the exhibition. With the support of the art teacher, groups created various 3D models, paintings, posters and sculptures that they presented to the guests and visitors. Through their actions, students were able to bring positive changes to the community both inside and outside of our school. In general, all students were able to show their ATL skills and knowledge that they have gained during their time in PYP and have successfully presented their works to the PYP community.

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