PYP Grade 4C Spirit of Holidays

PYP grade 4 C recited poems “Winter Eyes” by Douglas Florian, and 3 poems from “A Child’s Calendar” by John Updike. Young learners are currently working on the transdisciplinary theme “How we express ourselves” and they picked poems as the part of the literature – one of the forms of arts they are exploring. They also decided to show the spirit of holidays through the poems they chose and recorded the video to send warm wishes to family members, the whole school community and all people around the world. Students enjoyed the process of expressing their feelings through the poems. They became more open-minded and reflective during this term.
Nigar: “It was fun learning the poems, I improved my memorizing skills and even learned some new words.”
Neva: “This poem was easy to learn and it was a fun activity. Also, it reminded me of my family and it made me feel warm.”


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