Think Differently, Be Creative!

On March 30, European School hosted professional development IB onsite event of CCAAIBWS, titled “Exchange of Experiential Teaching Practices”. During the set of IB workshops in PYP, MYP, DP/CP, the educators, teachers, and program coordinators from Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan came together to participate in collaborative learning and development sessions.
Led by Ms Sophio Bazadze, Director of European School in Tbilisi, alongside with Mr. Francesco Banchini, CEO & Director of European Azerbaijan School, the event illuminated our dedication to enhancing how we teach and forging stronger bonds among schools in the Caucasus and Central Asia. With IB Workshops, we’re all about crafting an inspiring learning space for educators. Through hands-on activities and a focus on experiential learning, we’re nurturing skills, sparking critical thinking, and exploring innovative teaching methods. Let’s keep growing together!
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