Back-to-school Sessions for IB Diploma Programme Parents

Parents of Diploma Programme (DP) students were invited to back-to-school sessions on 26 September, for Grade 11, and 27 September, for Grade 12. Grade 11 parents were welcome to the DP community by Dr. Brice, Head of IB Programmes, Mr. Ramaz, DP Coordinator, and teachers. Parents were given aoverview of what the two years of DP would look like for their children.
An emphasis was also put on how parents will be collaborating with teachers in order to secure a successful DP experience for their children. Following Dr. Brice’s presentation in the Main Hall, parents were invited to the 5 th floor, where they were able to speak with subject teachers.
On Friday, 27 September, it was Grade 12 parents’ turn. For them the emphasis was on university applications, internal assessment (that make up 20-40% of final grades), in-school revision in March-April 2020 and the final examinations of May 2020. Parents also had opportunities to discuss their children’s progress with teachers.
These were just the first meetings of the year. Parents were informed that besides parent-teacher conferences, focused on progress reports, there will be information sessions on various relevant topics throughout the school year.

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