DP Student New year event

25 Dec 2019

IB DP hosted its alumni students, studying in such world leading universities, as Bath, Maastricht, Newcastle, on 23rd of December, as the part of New Year event. They have shared valuable experience with current DP students, in terms of time and exam-stress management and overall successful completion of the program. Such useful meetings are regularly arranged at the European School, to help current students learn from success stories.

Christmas exhibition

25 Dec 2019

Traditionally, the Christmas exhibition of students’ works was held at the European School. Young artists created paintings, graphics, collages and 3D constructions on Christmas and New Year theme. They used different materials and techniques for making their artworks. At the exhibition works of Georgian Primary and Middle Years Program students and IB PYP and IB MYP students were presented.


25 Dec 2019

Child protection department prepared a treat for European school - christmas campaign #ChristmasIsForSharing, to spread love and kindness at school. MYP/DP Psychologist together with Child Protection Officer, had a discussion-conversational sit downs with MYP students. In a cozy, relaxing ambiance of the IB Library, students watched short movies and had a discussion with Child protection department team. (Importance of spreading kindness on this special holiday) On the last day of the campaign students received gift cards and decorated special christmas tree with kind wishes.

New Year Spirit at ES

25 Dec 2019

Today, the ES students came to school in New Year themed costumes to create the New Year spirit. They spent a day without the school uniform and started the preparation for the holiday. Students in Santa’s hats and festive costumes gathered in the schoolyard for having fun and share emotions. Classrooms and hallways are already decorated for New Year celebration.

PYP-New Year Event

25 Dec 2019

On the 20 th of December PYP students celebrated New Year. Together with music, art, drama and homeroom teachers, students prepared poems, songs, dances and plays. Grade one and two students showed guests how New Year is celebrated in China, France and Italy. Grade three, four and five students staged plays about Christmas, New Year, celebration of friendship, love and happiness. Third graders presented play “The Sneetches” by Dr. Seuss and a story about snowman. Grade four students showed the guests how to celebrate New Year withfriends. Grade five students prepared two plays about “Amelia Badelia” by Peggy Parish. Students had fun and enjoyed the celebration with their classmates, parents and teachers.

Robotics Competition at the FabLab

19 Dec 2019

On December 16, the Second Sumo Robot Competition –Sumo Bot Challenge was held at the ES FabLab. Students from 6th grade competed in several rounds. After a tense struggle, the best-programmed robot won the competition and was awarded the title SomoBot of the Year. The most beautiful, fastest and most original robots were also awarded. Students received certificates. The winner students will participate in the 14th International Competition on April 8-10 in Turkey, Sanliurfa. Similar robotics competitions will be held annually at the ES where together with our students, 6th graders from other schools will be given the opportunity to participate.

Drama Performance “Pinocchio" at the ES Stage

19 Dec 2019

A play based on the Adventures of Pinocchio-the famous novel written by Carlo Collodi was directed and staged by Davit Nadirashvili and Beqa Kurashvili at the ES with the initiative of the Arts Department. Gepetto carved a boy out of wood and named Pinocchio. The wooden puppet was brought to life by a blue fairy, who informed him that he could become a real boy if he would prove himself to be brave and truthful. After this scene, Pinoccio’s interesting, difficult and fun journey started. The audience enjoyed the play performed by the ES students.

A Journey Through Ancient Civilizations

18 Dec 2019

PYP summative project:Grade three finalized working on their second unit of inquiry “where we are in place and time” by hosting an Ancient Civilization Fair. The unit was a collaborative study that built respect for the past, and knowledge about the contributions of different cultures. Students worked very hard; they gathered facts through research, prepared posters and created 3D models representing the architecture of different ancient civilizations. They collected different artifacts appropriate to their civilizations to share and gave all attendees an educational Journey through Ancient Civilizations.