Independence Day

The European School congratulates the U.S. and all Americans on the Independence Day. Our American High School links two friendly countries – the U.S. and Georgia. Independence is an essential value for the AHS students.

As soon as I learned the meaning of global citizenship, I always wanted to become a global citizen but never knew where to start. In the modern world, we are part of a global community, and sometimes there is a need to correctly identify ourselves. With the help of American High School, I was able to achieve that. In our history lessons, economics, and many other classes, we discuss global issues. In such situations, AHS taught me to think critically, exchange ideas, and work together to get the most effective solution. (AHS grade 10 Student Viktoria Samsiani)

Being an American High School student, I learned the values of freedom and liberalism. AHS motivates me to voice my opinion. It also teaches me about lifelong values, such as independence, progress, and freedom of expression. Moreover, AHS educated me to become a better global citizen. Therefore, the environment at the AHS has a huge impact on me. (AHS grade 11 Student Sofio Darchiashvili)

Studying at the American High School is severely important for me. There I can demonstrate all my capabilities, as this school radiates liberalism and gives us freedom.  The AHS helps us better find the best versions of ourselves in a warm environment. (AHS grade 11 student Mariam Natroshvili)

Studying at the American High School is essential for me, as it allows me to educate myself in a safe, nurturing environment. It provides the highest quality education available in Georgia and prepares me not only for college but for the future as a whole. The AHS allows me to pursue my academic interests with great teachers who are well-versed in their respective topics (AHS grade 11 Student Gigi Ugulava)

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