Europe Day

15 May 2024

The European School celebrated Europe Day and stressed European values and principles by holding a conference, Youth for a Better Tomorrow.

The Exhibition component of Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

03 May 2024

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a fundamental subject within the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Its purpose is to cultivate student’s metacognitive and conceptual thinking, prompting them to reflect on the very nature and essence of knowledge. 

THE Counsellor Awards 2024

03 May 2024

Giorgi Sichinava, Director of University and Career Counseling at the European School, won the Counsellor of the Year – Europe award! The Global Counsellor Awards, drawing counselors worldwide, took place at the BMI/THE Global International Schools Forum and Workshop in London on Monday, April 29, 2024.

Easter Exhibition

01 May 2024

The European School students’ Easter Journey - A preparation for Easter with crafts. As Easter is approaching, our students from primary grades prepare beautiful felt and paper crafts and enjoy the Easter season.

Schoolwide talent show

01 May 2024

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants of the American School of Advanced Studies talent show. It's truly inspiring to witness such a remarkable display of talent from our diverse student body. We commend each and every one of you for your outstanding contributions.

The culmination of the academic journey for our esteemed 12th graders

01 May 2024

The culmination of the academic journey for our esteemed 12th graders at the American School of Advanced Studies is marked by their exceptional senior projects. Under the guidance of our dedicated senior project supervisor, Anna Bochorishvili, these students have showcased remarkable originality and ingenuity in tackling a diverse array of problem statements with innovative solutions. The successful completion of these projects not only signifies the attainment of their diplomas but also stands as a testament to their intellectual prowess and commitment to excellence. We take great pride in the accomplishments of our bright students and the invaluable contributions they make to our academic community.

Excursion to Dashbashi

01 May 2024

The students of the American School of Advanced Studies embarked on an enriching excursion to Dashbashi alongside their homeroom teachers and the Academic Dean, Natia Tevzadze. Throughout the journey, students of 6, 7, and 8 grades  fostered a spirit of cooperation, friendship, and collaboration, all while exploring remarkable landmarks and immersing themselves in the natural beauty of our country. Their return was marked by a palpable enthusiasm, with vibrant emotions fueling a desire for more weekends filled with such memorable experiences.

Field Trip to CERN, Switzerland

01 May 2024

American school students embarked on a captivating field trip to CERN, Switzerland, where they delved into the intricacies of particle physics. During their visit, they engaged with local scientists, grappling with the challenges of comprehending this cutting-edge field. Moreover, they broadened their horizons through immersive cultural experiences, marveling at the richness of Switzerland's heritage.

Self Governance Day and Talent Show

29 Apr 2024

On April 26th, the European School had an energized atmosphere as it celebrated Self Governance Day and provided students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, take on roles and responsibilities of the school faculty and staff for one day, and govern almost every aspect of life at the ES.