Trip to Old Tbilisi

On 17 October, our 10th grade when for an afternoon trip around Old Tbilisi – with some sightseeing in Abanotubani and the surrounding area. The weather was beautiful, and the students also made a visit to Metekhi Church as the field trip was related to their current studies into the life and martyrdom of St. Abo of Tbilisi. They walked around the area that the Saint himself used to walk around. They even explored the newly opened Ethnographic Museum near Metekhi Bridge where articles from Tbilisi’s 2,000+ year history have been unearthed. The excavations revealed a bath house from the 2nd Century (!) This means that local residents were enjoying Tbilisi’s wonderful natural sulfur springs a full 3 centuries before the great Vakhtang Gorgasali discovered the springs (according to legend) and founded the city officially. The students explored some of the sites that they have been reading about in their lessons and learned many new facts about the area and Tbilisi’s history.

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